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Glamglow-Supermud-Clearing-Treatment-2If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my first impression of the Glamglow’s Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. Second to none, the white mask is by far the most raved about within the beauty community. Today, I’m sharing my first impression after trying it over the weekend.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

The Claim

Just like before, I want to first start with the claims before diving into what I thought. Pulled from Sephora’s website, the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment is meant to:

  • Visibly draw out dirt and congestion
  • Dramatically brighten and smooth skin
  • Leave skin feeling smooth and looking healthy

I knew going into it that the white mask does not have any leaf particles, so I was a bit skeptical on seeing immediate results for such a thin, smooth product.

The Application

Similar to my trial with the black mask, I double checked how long the Supermud should be left on my face prior to applying. Rather than provide a set time, this one has flexibility in that it can be left on for 10, 15, even 20 minutes. I applied it in the morning without any time restrictions, so I committed to the full 20 minutes.

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by the thin consistency. The product is very easy to work with. It has the same kind of smell as the Youthmud, but it’s not at all unpleasant or overbearing. More importantly, it doesn’t irritate my eye area.

One major difference with the Supermud application process is that this one had a noticeably stronger tingling sensation. I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t expect the Supermud to tingle, or if it’s because it truly does tingle more than the Youthmud. Either way, the heated tingle sensation was uncomfortable but not unbearable. I figured it would diminish once the mask started to settle and dry, which luckily was the case after about one minute.

Another major thing I noticed was that once the mask dried, the oilier areas of my face (primarily the T-zone) had very large, pore-sized dark spots on the mask. I’m assuming this was the result of the mask drawing out dirt and congestion, so they weren’t lying when they said it would be visible. It’s actually pretty gross, honestly, but it reinforced my confidence that the treatment was doing its job.

I rinsed the product off the same way I did with the Youthmud, by leaning over my sink and splashing water on my face, using a circular motion until the product was gone. It was an easy removal process that took less than a minute. Before we move to the results, let’s recap the application experience:

  • Easy to apply a thin layer
  • 1 min of what I felt like was a strong tingle sensation upon initial application
  • Completely dried around 18 mins, but left on for 20mins
  • Quick and easy rinse-off process

The Results

My skin felt and looked clean, but didn’t have a tight, dry feeling. Similar to the Youthmud, I applied moisturizer after the Supermud more out of habit rather than necessity.While it definitely removed dirt from my face, I didn’t have a strong impression once the product was rinsed clean. My skin looked refreshed, but nothing too significant. In a nutshell:

  • Skin felt clean without feeling dry
  • Skin looked refresh
  • No significant visible changes

Overall Thoughts

I like the act of applying a mask. It’s relaxing and makes me feel like I’m about to make significant improvements to my skin, but this one was just okay. It feels a bit weird saying that because I really did like it as my first impression, but it gets an “okay” because the results were extremely minimal. I want to follow up and see if my skin changes for the better after using the product consistently for a few months.

Have you tried Glamglow’s Supermud Clearing Treatment?


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