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Hi, I'm Chelsey


So this outfit is pretty basic, but it was really comfortable to wear. Friday night, a few friends and I went to see the band From Indian Lakes play in Austin. It was my 3rd time seeing them–the first two times being when I saw the love of my life my favorite band perform–and I completely forgot how amazing Joey’s voice sounds live. I’m horrible at describing music becaause I feel like genres have all blended and overlapped to the point where there isn’t a clear line of what’s what, so I’ll just say to check them out if you are into what I consider mellow indie with great lyrics. Anyways, this is the outfit I picked because I had to change into something immediately after work that I didn’t mind sitting in while stuck in traffic. The tee is a burnout Project Social tee from Urban Outfitters. I just recently discovered the brand and can’t get over how soft the material feels. My jeans are oldies but goodies from Guess, and of course I grabbed my go-to Steve Madden sandals.

beachy-waves steve-madden-hamil concert-outfit mbmj-crossbody

Outfit Details:

I didn’t take too many pics since I didn’t bring my zoom lens, but here are two shots I took that are my favorites:

from-indian-lakes from-indian-lakes-atx

What do you wear to small concerts? If you’re looking for outfit ideas to wear to a concert, check out my post from last November on concert outfit ideas.

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