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Ginger-and-Liz-Vegan-Friendly-Nail-Polish-12Let’s talk nail polish. Even though I’m a fan of Essie, I still like to branch out to other brands. Hautelook had a sale a few months ago that included this brand, which I hadn’t heard of before: Ginger + Liz. After looking at the color selection, I decided to purchase a few options. While waiting on my package to arrive, I did a little research on Google to find out more about Ginger + Liz.

Ginger-and-Liz-Vegan-Friendly-Nail-Polish-2About Ginger + Liz

What interested me about the brand is that they are vegan friendly. After having a stint in vegetarianism and having a few vegan friends, I like sharing vegan-friendly products with them whenever I find new products. The nail polish company was established 5 years ago by Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett. You can read even more about the brand by visiting their website here.

Where to Buy Ginger + Liz

As mentioned earlier, I purchased the nail polishes from Hautelook for a discounted price. I’ve also seen the brand in my local Ulta as well. If you’re unable to find Ginger + Liz in stores, they do offer all shades on their website. Prices range from $12 – $15, which is definitely on the higher end of nail polish. Considering the brand is vegan-friendly and formulated without any harsh chemicals, it’s understandable why the markup is so high.

Will I Repurchase

I definitely will. I like supporting businesses like this one, and I like the quality of nearly all the shades I purchased. Despite the price point, I really do enjoy this brand. I’m a sucker for good names, and Ginger + Liz have clever names for each nail polish. The colors are rich, pigmented, and easy to take off. Even the glitter shade I purchased didn’t give me any problems with removal.

The Shades

The remainder of this post is very picture heavy, so I’ll keep the text light. I purchased 5 shades from Ginger + Liz:

  1. Boss Lady – A pure, vibrant red
  2. Control Freak – A bright peach color
  3. Sparkle Box – A rose pink glitter shade
  4. Never a Dull Moment – A neon, highlighter yellow
  5. Stress Management – A deep, earthy teal

Ginger-and-Liz-Vegan-Friendly-Nail-Polish-4 Ginger-and-Liz-Vegan-Friendly-Nail-Polish-5 Ginger-and-Liz-Vegan-Friendly-Nail-Polish-6

The Swatches

Control Freak

Control Freak is a true peach shade. It’s hard to find a peach polish that doesn’t veer far from what’s depicted in the bottle. I’ve gone through countless attempts at finding the perfect peachy shade for summer, only to realize the color applies differently on the nails than what’s expected. With Control Freak, what you see is what you get. The formula is opaque enough that you can get away with one coat if that’s your preference. For reference, I applied two coats: no base and no top coat. I’m currently in a blue and neutral nail polish phase, but peach is always a favorite.


Never a Dull Moment

I must admit this isn’t a shade I would normally gravitate towards. Neon polish can be a little unpredictable. This yellow is definitely a statement shade. The only setback with this highlighter yellow in comparison to the other shades I purchased is its consistency. I think they did an excellent job considering neon colors are hard to make opaque, but Never a Dull Moment definitely requires two coats.


Boss Lady

Boss Lady is the perfect name for this polish. The shade is a true red, perfect for any black and white outfit. It applies smoothly and only needs one coat, but I’ve applied two for the swatch photo. As you can see, it also has a nice shine to it so you can skip a top coat.


Sparkle Box

Looking for a rosy pink glitter? This shade is for you. It’s gorgeous in the bottle, and is buildable on the nails. For the sake of seeing a shade in its true form, I applied two coats to bare nails in the photo. Because of the rose undertones, Sparkle Box will look beautiful on top of light pink shades. What was most impressive about this color was the removal process. We all know how challenging removing glitter polish can be, right? With this brand, removal was just as easy as any other shade.


Stress Management

Shades within this range of teal and rich blue tend to be my favorite colors to wear on my nails. Stress Management is no exception. This beautiful shade is so rich that it truly only needs one coat. It has a shiny finish as well so that a top coat can be skipped without hassle.


Final Thoughts

I’m pleasantly surprised by Ginger + Liz. The colors are rich and don’t have a streaky application. If you’re going to try any of the shades I purchased, I would recommend Stress Management first, with Control Freak as a close second. I suggest stopping by your local Ulta and checking out the brand in person.

Ginger-and-Liz-Vegan-Friendly-Nail-Polish-3Which color is your favorite?

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