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Happy Monday!

I went shopping for a little home decor inspiration over the weekend. It was supposed to be window shopping, but there were a lot of knick knacks I couldn’t pass up. Everything featured in today’s post is either from Hobby Lobby or Target.

The Pillows

Pillows are my favorite decor item to purchase. In my mind, it’s the quickest way to spruce up old decor, but in actuality it becomes problematic trying to find storage for older pillows. What I love about the four I purchased is they also match a winter black and gold comforter set that I haven’t used yet.

The gold “hello” pillow is reserved for the bed only, but the remaining three are versatile enough to use on the couch or against a chair.



The Wall Art

Gone are the days that a big wall meant a big picture. I’m the worst at utilizing wall space, so mine are usually pretty bare because:

  1. I’m too short to hang some pieces up high
  2. The larger wall art is usually too heavy for me to successfully lift and hang alone
  3. The larger wall art also tends to have complicated hanging requirements (translation: If there’s more than one hanging piece, I stay away from it.)

Those reasons, along with the beauty and fun of customizing a collage, is why I like the small wall art trend. I already had the ‘Follow that dream’ frame, but the golden pineapple and ‘Together is a beautiful place to be’ wall art are newer purchases.


The Office Bits

Hobby Lobby has a great selection of knick knacks, but they tend to be overpriced. Luckily, the glass decor items were 50% off this past weekend, so all of the items I bought were half off. The glass display box immediately caught my eye because the size is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Inside, I added string lights that I picked up during Christmastime last year for a little flair.

The magnifying glass is a pretty random purchase, but I loved the look of it. I also picked up a small tray that says “odds and ends”, which I”m using to store my delicate rings.


The Tech

At Target, I spotted a cute iPhone case for a great price. I’m really not into having a case on my phone anymore, but I love that this one is mirrored. Also, it’s very sleek so it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk to the phone.

Another tech piece is this leopard print iPad mini case. I’ve used the same iPad case for a year and a half now because I couldn’t find one with a print I liked. The leopard print caught my eye, and it’s a smart case so the iPad turns on/off when the case is closed. I love that this case is as thin as the iPad itself, but I’m still able to bend the case and have the iPad sit up.

Hobby Lobby isn’t a place I would visit for home decor in the past, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite. If you’re on the hunt for any wall art, pillows, or knick knacks, I’d suggest checking out Hobby Lobby in addition to your usual go-to spots.

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