How to Layer Perfumes and Which Scents to Combine

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After talking about healthy lifestyle habits and a fashion overhaul for the new year, there is still one area to cover in the “that girl” arsenal: beauty! So this week, we’re honing in on fragrances and talking about how to layer perfumes and which scent combinations you should add to your collection.

Longtime readers of the site will know that I successfully found the perfect mix to layer perfumes in the Elizabeth & James Nirvana collection. Worn separately, Nirvana White and Nirvana Black were ideal day/night scents; however, they would shine when layered together. Unfortunately, the brand quietly shut the doors on the perfume brand a few years ago. I’m sure we all have a sad story of a discontinued beloved beauty product, which is why discovering your signature scent is so important. You can still find a new perfume by shopping based on the notes that fit your fragrance profile. I’ve previously talked about finding your signature scent, but one additional way you can further create a custom fragrance is by adding a layer.

Clothes can be worn off the rack and still look great, but they really shine when you infuse your personality into a piece by styling it with accessories and other unique finds. Fragrances are similar in that way. You can zero in on the perfect perfume and wear it alone or add a personal touch to a recognizable scent by layering on a secondary fragrance. So, how can you layer perfumes to help you create the perfect scent blend?

Tips to Layer Perfumes Like a Pro

Start in the Shower

Before you even get to layering perfumes, consider starting the whole process from the shower! That’s right, even the body wash and lotion you use can help accentuate your final scent, so you want to be sure that your fragrance profile is consistent across all your products. 

Stick with 1-2 Fragrances

When you want to layer perfumes as a beginner, the most straightforward base to pick is a fragrance that primarily focuses on one or two notes. Perfumes with a primary scent in the name, like Kayali’s Vanilla fragrance, make for good starter scents because they aren’t as complex as others.

The second layer should be an aroma that either:

  • Is a complementary scent to your first layer (on the opposing side of the fragrance wheel)
  • Has one of the same notes as your first layer (within the same family on the fragrance wheel)

Where to Spray and Layer Perfumes

Where you spray your perfume can completely change the layering effect, so play around with a few options and see which agrees with your body chemistry. There isn’t a wrong way to do it, so figure out what works for you:

  • Layer the second fragrance directly on top of the first fragrance before it dries
  • Spray one scent on your pulse points and the other on your torso.
  • Apply both perfumes on different pulse points

Which Fragrances are Perfect Layering Perfumes

If you haven’t already discovered your signature scent, read my post that details how you can identify which notes are your perfect match. I have always fallen on fragrance’s spicy and woodsy side, but I have also appreciated sweet floral scents in small doses. Typically, I like something with patchouli, vanilla, or sandalwood notes. Occasionally, I like hints of orange blossom, lavender, or peach. If you have a similar scent profile, these are the best layering perfumes for you to try that can be mixed and matched well:

  1. Skylar Vanilla Sky
  2. YSL Libre
  3. Replica By The Fireplace
  4. Kilian Princess
  5. Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy

As you can see from my pictures, the best way to ease into layering perfumes is to start small. I used to purchase full-sized bottles of perfume all the time but eventually found it to be wasteful if I owned more than 1-2 bottles at a time. So now that I’m getting back into layering perfumes, I prefer to have just one full size (the base) and pick up travel sizes (sprays only, not rollerballs) of the secondary scents. The smaller sizes keep me from feeling overwhelmed, I have less to store, and they are easy to pop into my bag. 

I hope you found this post helpful! Please share and pin on social media if you liked what you read! It really helps support and grow the blog! If you try any perfume combinations you love, share the wealth and let me know what you recommend!

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