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Elizabeth and James Nirvana PerfumeLet’s talk fragrance. Perfume is something that’s all about personal preference. Your fragrance tells a story, just like your shopping habits relating to those fragrances. Are you someone who picks one signature scent and wears it year-round? Do you have a small rotation as each season passes? Or do you like to pick trendy fragrances and try something new with each purchase? I’m a mix of all three, leaning more towards the seasonal rotation attitude.

Throughout my perfume journey, I’ve found what feels to be my true signature scent. In fact, the brand itself has consistently released fragrances that truly fit my palette. Which brand is it? Elizabeth and James, the brand created by every fashion girl’s style icon duo. Originally released in two scents, Elizabeth and James Nirvana has since expanded into a collection of four sweet and spicy scents. 

Elizabeth and James Nirvana PerfumeThe Day Scents | Nirvana White and Nirvana Rose

I’ve mentioned Nirvana White in previous posts before, so you can check out the 5 Long-Lasting Perfumes for Summer to learn more. What I can add is that Nirvana White has the sweetest scent of the bunch. This is the perfume for people who like sweet and flirty scents with a floral base. I primarily wore it during the spring and summer as my go-to daytime scent.

Nirvana Rose feels like Nirvana White’s close sister. As the name implies, this perfume also has a floral scent. The main difference is where Nirvana White is on the sweeter side, Nirvana Rose is more subdued and a bit deeper. The primary notes are rose de mai, geranium, and vetiver, resulting in a seductive fragrance soft enough for the daytime. The scent is perfect for Fall/Winter days when Nirvana White feels a little too summery. It’s also the fragrance I’ve worn to work this season as my go-to perfume.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana PerfumeThe Night Scents | Nirvana Black and Nirvana Bourbon

Nirvana Black was the first perfume of theirs I bought and instantly fell in love. I always gravitate towards fragrances with a warm or spicy scent, and that perfectly describes Nirvana Black. When talking about the Perfect Scents for Fall, I mentioned Nirvana Black feeling like a signature scent. With violet, sandalwood, and vanilla as the key notes in the fragrance, Nirvana Black perfectly captures a sultry night perfume. This is the scent I wear when I’m going out to dinner or to the movies.

Nirvana Bourbon is my second favorite of the bunch. If it’s possible to have two signature scents, this is my second. Nirvana Bourbon truly smells like a smoky vanilla fragrance. It has a huskiness to it because of the bourbon and oakwood, yet the hint of vanilla adds a bit of unpredictability to the perfume. My favorite thing about Nirvana Bourbon is the surprise of it all. One minute you’ll smell the true smokiness, and the next you’ll get a waft of sweet vanilla. This is the scent I reach for if I’m going out at night to a small show in a dive bar or walking the city streets.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfume

Have you tested any Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfumes? Which is your favorite?

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