The Men’s Sweatshirt + Thigh High Boots

steve-madden-thigh-high-bootsoversized-sweatshirt-dress sweatshirt-and-thigh-high-boots heeled-thigh-high-boots hm-black-mens-sweatshirt styling-the-oversized-mens-sweatshirt

What I’m Wearing: H&M Men’s Sweatshirt | Steve Madden Emotions Boots | Quay High Key Sunglasses

You guys, we’re in November! I keep mentioning how much I love the last quarter of the year thinking we still have 3 months left, but we truly only have two. Before I know it, 2017 will be here! Moving on, this past weekend was life changing. My friend and I went to one of Adele’s concerts in Austin on Friday night, and this is the look I decided to wear. To be totally transparent, I actually had to recreate this look for shooting purposes. As much as I would have preferred to capture the outfit in the moment, time was of the essence and I did not want to miss the opening of Adele’s show for a photo op. 

Adele’s concert was just as amazing as I hoped it would be. She’s so extremely talented, beautiful, and funny that her two-hour concert quickly went by in a blur. Prior to settling on this look, I knew that whatever I wore had to be all black. When it comes to Adele there are two outfit options that come to mind: all black or floral print. Once I saw the gorgeous thigh high boots at Steve Madden, I started to build an outfit around them.

I’m no stranger to the men’s clothing section, which is where I found the sweatshirt. H&M had a few t-shirt dresses in the women’s section to choose from, but none of them had the relaxed and easygoing fit I envisioned. Instead of scouring through various stores, my friend and I found an alternative in the men’s section. To make sure the sweatshirt was long enough to be worn as a dress, I went up a few sizes and purchased a men’s large. Overall I loved how the look came together. My favorite outfits are comfortable but still stylish, and this look perfectly fit the bill.

PS. Steve Madden is having a best of boot sale! Shop the sale here to save up to 40% off!

What do you think of the oversized look?