How to Maximize the Sephora VIB Sale (+Free Shopping List!)

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Is anyone else out there ashamed to admit they’ve hit Sephora’s VIB Rouge status? I attribute my status to the quest for a quality skincare routine, but it’s still a bit crazy to realize that means I spent $1000 within a calendar year. With that status comes the VIB Rouge sale, which kicked off yesterday and ends on April 13th. (Regular VIB sale kicked off today!) In order to get the most out of the 15% sale event, there are two tried and true shopping methods:

  1. Use this time to stock up on your beauty staples for a discounted price.
  2. Take advantage of the discount by trying out splurge items on your wishlist.

Let this post serve as a source of inspiration, as I’m sharing a quick reference to guide your shopping adventure whether you want to purchase a few staples or try out something new.

Sephora-Haul-Lancome-MUFE-NARS-8The Staples

Listen, how many times have you gone into Sephora with the intent of buying something you needed and walking out with something you wanted instead? That’s why you need a checklist to keep you focused. The VIB and VIB Rouge sale only happens twice a year so it’s important to go in with a plan. When you’re in-store (or shopping online), mentally run through your beauty routine. What things do you purchase on a regular basis? What can you stock up on now to save yourself money in the future? Below are the key components to most beauty routines, along with the product I personally use within each category.

Sephora-Haul-Lancome-MUFE-NARS-10The Wishlist

You know those items that catch your eye when you’re in Sephora, yet you never purchase because the price is too steep? Now is your chance to try them out while also getting a little relief on the price. The VIB + VIB Rouge sale is the perfect opportunity to pull out your wishlist and check a few things off. Below are a few hot ticket items you may want to consider picking up during the sale. To no surprise, this list primarily consists of skincare and fragrance–that’s where you get the best deals!

Remember, the sale is only one week long so you have until April 13th to claim your 15% off. Don’t forget to grab the free checklist for stress-free shopping! For an even smoother checkout, I’ve included the VIB and VIB Rouge sale codes in the event you misplace your e-mail or postcard.

What do you plan on purchasing during the sale?


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