How to Wear Black in the Summer | 5 Unexpected Styling TIps

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It’s hard to believe we’re in the middle of May already, yet here we are. I’m in New York as I write this and while it very much feels like a Texas winter here, summer is just a month away. In New York, I find it very easy to wear black in the spring and summer months because the temperatures aren’t nearly as high as they are back in the southern states. My suitcase is currently filled with boots, lightweight jackets, blazers, and pants while I’m in town and it’s surprisingly not a warm enough variety of clothing.

For those of you living in cooler climates, I imagine it’s common practice to incorporate black into your spring and summer wardrobe. As for those of us who live in warmer climates, how can we wear black without feeling overheated or out of season? Well, I have 5 simple and effective ways to help you extend your love of black clothing well into the summertime.

how to wear black in the summer in 5 easy tips

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5 Unexpected Ways to Wear Black in the Spring and Summer

1. Wear a colorful print that has black as the base

One reason why you may not want to wear black in the spring and summer months is that it doesn’t necessarily fit the bright mood of the season. The days are longer and brighter, yet wearing all black can contradict that mood. How can you style black in the warmer seasons and still fit the environment? It’s simple–wear printed clothing that has black as the base shade.

As shown in today’s photos, this is the option I tend to gravitate towards the most. A deeper base like black is instantly lifted when a fun, lively print is added on top. Try shopping around for a black dress with pink floral print, a blouse with white polka dots, or a pair of pants with yellow pinstripes. Ultimately, your selection should have a print that leans on the brighter side of the color spectrum.

how to wear black in the summer in 5 easy tips

2. Balance out the dark tones with a neon color.

Going along the same vein as the previous tip, you can also wear black in the spring and summer by pairing the item with a pop of neon. In this instance, you can still reach for your all-black pants, top, or skirt. Rather than shop around for a black and printed piece, you can instead wear a contrasting solid.

Style a wardrobe staple like black pants with a lime green blouse–just make sure it’s sleeveless since your legs will be covered. While a long sleeve blouse looks just as good, the goal is to look stylish and remain cool for the summer. The bonus of adding neon to your wardrobe is this option dips your toes into wearing color! If you tend to gravitate towards neutral tones, step outside of your comfort zone and see how you can style a neon and black outfit.

how to wear black in the summer in 5 easy tips

3. Shop for black clothes in a lightweight, loose fabric

Black clothes are naturally going to make you feel hotter, so you don’t want to further enhance that potential by wearing knit or tight fabrics. Breathable materials will be your best friend in the summer, especially when you’re wearing darker colors. If you can’t quit your all-black outfits just yet, swap the heavier fabrics for lightweight, loose options instead. Cotton, linen, and other similar fabrics are typically thinner than other options and come in a loose to semi-fitted cut.

When in the fitting room, check to see if the clothing item hugs you tightly. If it does, save it for those indoor summer nights when the sun goes down.

how to wear black in the summer in 5 easy tips

4. Add a bold lip color

Some people just aren’t comfortable wearing colorful clothing and that’s okay. We’ve all been there! A few years ago, I was right there with the anti-colorful club. I felt bright colors looked too young on me, which is something I generally work against already. I’ve since learned how to balance out the youthful effect and make it work to my advantage, but one thing I would do back then was wear color in my makeup!

If neutral and dark tones are your cup of tea, it’s okay to stick with what you love. You can wear your black outfit and still feel in season by throwing on a bold lip color. There is a red lip shade for every skin tone, and orange is always on trend for summer. Stop by your local drugstore or Sephora and have a look around! Fenty Beauty has the most comfortable lipstick formula and offers a rainbow of shades, so I recommend checking them out as your starting point.

how to wear black in the summer in 5 easy tips

5. Show a little skin

I hinted at this in an earlier tip, but it’s a must if you want to wear black in the warmer months. You still want to remain balanced and show off what you feel the most comfortable with, but you want to show a little skin when wearing all black so your body remains cool. As a general rule of thumb, you should show a little arm or shoulder if you’re covered on the bottom, and show off your legs if you’re covered up top. For the summer, I recommend going with the second option.

What tips do you have when it comes to wearing black year-round?

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