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While browsing through Cityblis, I stumbled across a shirt that immediately grabbed my attention. At first glance, it’s a simple yet cool black and white printed tee. It looked comfortable and matched my style, so I clicked on to view more from the designer. Talk about love at first glance! I enjoyed the collection so much, I contacted the designer asking if she wouldn’t mind providing a little background on her brand. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to Jessalin Beutler’s artistic fashion line. 

Dashes tee modeled by Caitlin Horn, photographed by Alexandra Wallace

Q: I find your tees to be so inspirational and artistic. How and when did you start designing?

A: I started hand painting tees in 2008 after spending several years painting on canvases and pursuing fine art. The first collection of tees were very minimal, with primarily geometric type imagery. The tees got very popular, and I started making more and more. 

Q: Your art background is definitely prevalent in each t-shirt design. I like how the various patterns keep neutral colors interesting. 

A: This new collection is a departure from my cleaner aesthetic, but I wanted to create a group of designs that were more free in their execution and all one of a kind.  

Q: What’s next on your design schedule? Do you work independently? 

A: I am now pursuing textile design and hope to offer more scarves with original prints, as well as new clothing pieces using my own textiles. My partner is a pattern maker, so I have been working with him to create some original silhouettes for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.

Photographs by Alexandra Wallace
Jessalin’s items are available both on her site and her Etsy shop. Although I mainly focused on the womens tees, she also sells shopper totes, scarves, tees for guys, and original artwork. My intent was to post her feature a bit later in the week, but I noticed on twitter she’s currently having a sale, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you guys to check out her designs if you’re interested! Select screen printed tees are currently 50% off and come with a free tote after purchasing two tops. 
Photographs by Alexandra Wallace


The clothing line, which ships internationally, offers two unique purchasing options in addition to the standard selling method:

1. Women’s/Men’s Bundle – For a discounted price, you receive 3 tops that are either discounted, experimental, or misprinted. You don’t know what you get until you get it, but the uniqueness of a misprint gone right influenced me to purchase the bundle. (My order has shipped, and I can’t wait to show you guys.)

2. Tee of the Month Club – For a discounted price, you receive a hand-picked tee, dress, or tote each month. Along with the item is a description of the design and explanation as to why that was the pick of the month. 

Be sure to check out Jessalin Beutler’s designs and follow her social media for the latest updates with the brand:

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