Styling Denim Shorts for Fall

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C o u n t d o w n   t o   F a l l : 1 9  d a y s


The thing that’s great about Fall is that you can still wear shorts… at least, in most places. Fall, much like Spring, consists of that perfect combination of warm vs cool weather. Depending on the time of day you’re outdoors, you can mix a pullover with shorts, a tank top with jeans, or a summer dress with a lightweight sweater. Fashion loves mixing opposites, perhaps that’s why the fashion world loves the season so much? Fall is the beginning of layers, which makes it the best season to get your last wear of summer items in before it becomes too cold for bare skin.

As a final send off, I encourage you to salute your shorts. Here are three ways to style your cutoffs for Fall.

  1. T h e   C a s u a l   W a y 
    A lightweight sweater is great for girls similar to me, in the sense that their legs never really get cold but they’re arms are always freezing. Pair with loafers for a quick errand run, or wedges for a lunch date.
  2. T h e   C h i c   W a y
    What’s the one thing that can instantly pull a look from weak to chic? A blazer. Blazers instantly add structure to an outfit, and when paired with a mid-heel, the shorts go from casual to city chic.
  3. T h e   C o m f o r t a b l e   W a y
    Switch out the blazer and heels for a pair of sneakers and a plain white tee. With a chill approaching in the air, carrying around a plaid shirt will keep you warm without the extra bulk of a jacket.

While crop tops and denim cutoffs are the perfect match, these three looks show how to incorporate the summer staple with transitional tops. When it comes to styling your shorts in the Fall, what’s your favorite way to wear them?

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  1. i love all three ways to wear these shorts! beautiful post and i honestly can’t wait till fall 🙂


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