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Have you ever loved an item so much you buy (or want to buy) a backup for when it becomes so old and worn in that it’s no longer wearable? For me, that’s these shoes. These moccasins are the style ‘Teana’ by Steve Madden and were sold in stores back in fall of 2013. I’m not sure why I liked them enough to try them on, but as soon as I felt how soft they were on my feet, I bought them. When I say I haven’t had a shoe this soft, I mean I haven’t had a shoe this soft ever that wasn’t considered a houseshoe. There’s something unique about this particular style, because I have the leopard ‘Mistro’ moccasins that look exactly like this but just don’t have that same pillow soft interior. Anyways, I literally wore these to the point where they were falling apart, and my friend’s mom was kind enough to purchase a second pair for me after seeing them available on Hautelook. 

The tee is one of the only muscle tees I own because I normally prefer sleeves or straps, nothing in between. I bought it from Urban Outfitters last summer, but I’ve seen it in stores and also available in black recently, which is incredibly rare of Urban to keep a top in stock for that long. While we’re on the topic of older items, I completely forgot about this Phillip Lim for Target black tote bag. I rediscovered it during my closet organizing and fell back in love. The quality just feels so luxurious for the price, and I like that it added a little femininity to the cutoff tee. 



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Urban Outfitters ‘La Lune‘ Tee | Charlotte Russe High Waisted Jeans | Steve Madden ‘Teana’ Moccasins | Phillip Lim for Target bag

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