Lost Files: The Printed Romper

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Status: Currently sitting at a Starbucks typing on this post on what feels like the slowest internet speed since dial-up.

Hello, hello. I normally don’t post outfit pics on Mondays, but this week is an exception due to the fact that my internet went out on Thursday night. We had a pretty bad storm overnight and I didn’t realize until I came home from work Friday night that my cable and internet were shot. The weird part is everything turns on as it should, but the service is out…or maybe that’s normal if a storm knocks out your internet? Anyways, a technician isn’t available until tonight so I decided to post an old outfit that was never published as it requires the least amount of internet time. (Everyone cross your fingers the technician is able to fix my service without any additional delays.)

This romper is from Target, which is extremely out of character of me to wear. I’ve never been a fan of rompers because they’re not at all flattering on your rear, but then I tried this one on and never looked back. I actually bought another romper from Macy’s the day after this purchase. I think this would look really cute with a long cardigan and flats, but Texas heat trumps layering clothes so I kept it pretty basic with sandals that are also from Target. I actually just realized that makes this whole look from Target…this post isn’t sponsored by them or anything, just complete coincidence. It’s a bit of a fashion faux pas to have visible bra straps, but believe it or not I really didn’t like how thin the straps looked alone, so I purposely  paired the romper with a black bra for added depth.

DSC_0906 DSC_0903 DSC_0902

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