The Best Makeup for Online Meetings

Have you ever talked about Zoom, virtual meetings, and teleworking more in your life than this year? With more of us working from home, the expectation of being on camera during meetings has increased. Not only does it bring some normalcy to an otherwise unprecedented situation, but being on camera also keeps the engagement level high. Assuming we’re all settled into the modified work environment, it’s time to talk about beauty. What makeup should you wear for these online meetings? Are there general best practices to apply? Today’s post is talking all about the best makeup for online meetings, so keep reading to learn my tips!
What Makeup to wear when Working Virtually

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Makeup for Online Meetings

One of my friends asked a question yesterday that actually prompted this blog post. She wanted to know whether or not people generally wear makeup to their video calls. I figured a lot of people have this question right now, and it likely varies based on your work environment. Personally, the amount of makeup I wear for video conferences depends on two things: 

  1. The number of meetings I have scheduled that day
  2. Who will be in attendance for each of the meetings

As a rule of thumb, I “dress for my day” by putting more effort into my makeup looks when meeting with senior leadership or I’ll be in several meetings throughout the day. When I have one or two and I’m primarily meeting with my team, I tend to keep it super minimal with spot concealer and brows. When you want to wear more than that, keep the below tips in mind to master the best makeup for online meetings.

Makeup for Online Meetings and Zoom Calls

Skip the highlighter for your video calls.

Highlighter adds a beautiful glow to your cheekbones in real life, but it doesn’t translate as well through video. Makeup for online meetings, in general, will try to steer clear of too much shine, so highlighter should be the first thing to go. It can look a bit harsh on a webcam and will instead look like accidental shine rather than intentional glow. That doesn’t mean you have to ditch it year-round, just pass during the video calls.

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Makeup for Online Meetings and Zoom Calls

A matte finish is your best friend.

As an oily girl myself, I always need to have a matte foundation in my beauty rotation. Depending on the season, I’ll rotate between a natural finish and a matte finish. Now that I’m working remotely for the remainder of the year, I stick with two options: Fenty Beauty’s Matte Foundation and Lancome’s Skin Feels Good Foundation. Fenty Beauty has a long-wear matte finish that doesn’t require setting powder, so it’s great if you are in back-to-back meetings and want to avoid unnecessary shine. 

It is full coverage, though, so Lancome’s Skin Feels Good is my lighter option. It is a lightweight foundation that reminds me of a tinted moisturizer with better coverage. The finish is natural, so you’ll want a mattifying setting powder handy. Whichever option you choose, starting the day with a matte face decreases how often you need to blot. If your workspace requires additional lighting to illuminate your face during video calls, your makeup is prone to more shine. 

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Makeup for Online Meetings and Zoom Calls

Pick lighter eyeshadow colors to brighten your eyes.

Webcams are less than flattering and the shadows from your setup can quickly darken out your eyes. You can certainly skip the eyeshadow altogether, but if you decide to throw some on, try picking out a neutral color that’s 1-3 shades lighter than your skin tone. I’m the queen of a neutral eyeshadow palette on a regular day and the work from home life is only amplifying that. Soft tans, light golds, and blush pinks are all great options to wake up your eyes without looking overdone.

Not sure where to start? I recently picked up Natasha Denona’s Gold palette for a neutral option. If you want something at a lower price point, I am still using and loving ColourPop’s Bare Necessities palette and Urban Decay’s Naked Honey palette.

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Office Style from the Home and How to Wear Your Makeup

TL;DR? These tips will help you master makeup for online meetings:

  1. Leave the shimmery highlight for virtual night hangouts with friends.
  2. Keep the shine at bay with a matte foundation or finishing powder.
  3. Brighten up your eyes with lighter, neutral shadows.

What are some makeup tips you have for video conferences? 

While this isn’t technically makeup, I also like to wear blue-light glasses during calls. They protect my eyes from staring at computer screens all day while creating a more finished look. If I’m feeling tired or apply little to no makeup, the glasses are a quick and easy way to cover up those bags!

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