How to Wear a Wide Leg Jeans Outfit

Just a few years ago, we were all skinny jeans all the time. Much like most fashion trends, the pendulum tends to swing from one end to the other before finally landing on a middle ground with more variety. Before skinny jeans took over, we were all about the flared leg. After years engulfed in each, we have now reached that happy-medium. You can still rock a skinny, flared, or straight leg denim, but the latest one added to the mix is the wide leg jeans outfit.

what tops to wear with wide leg denim

Outfit Details: Forever 21 top | Zara jeans | Steve Madden wedges | Jenny Bird earrings | Uncommon James necklace

How to Put Together a Wide Leg Jeans Outfit

If you’d like a denim guide featuring style tips for the various jean types, definitely let me know! Straight-leg denim is the classic cut and much easier to style with minimal thought, but the other styles can get a bit tricky. Today’s post is going to cover three areas that will help you incorporate the wide leg jeans trend into your wardrobe:

  1. What tops to wear with wide leg jeans
  2. How short girls can rock a wide leg jeans outfit
  3. Where to shop for the perfect wide leg denim

how to style wide leg jeans

What Tops to Wear with Wide Leg Denim

When it comes to picking the perfect top, you may find yourself a little lost in the beginning. After spending years with form-fitting denim, you likely have a pretty good idea of what tops look best with that style. Wide leg jeans introduce a completely new silhouette, and not all shirts in your closet will be as flattering with this trend. 

  • Bodysuits
  • Structured blazer
  • Boxy tees
  • Cropped shirts and sweaters

In general, the tops listed above will maintain a balanced silhouette and prevent the pants from overpowering your look. A wide leg jeans outfit looks the most universally flattering when you balance out the proportions. Because the bottom half of your outfit is wider, it’s best to keep the top half structured and semi-fitted. Even if you aren’t a fan of wearing tight or cropped clothing, you can still create structure by tucking in your top. Opt for a shirt with a breathable fit and tuck it in to further define your waist. 

Wide Leg Jeans Outfit Ideas

Can Short Girls Wear a Wide Leg Jeans Outfit?

The simple answer? Absolutely! I’m not one who has very many “short girls can’t wear these” opinions. There are many fashion trends that pose the wearability question for short girls, all of which typically involve long or billowy bottoms like wide leg jeans and maxi skirts. Much like long skirts, you can wear wide leg denim even with shorter legs if you find the right hem and shoe combination. Below are a few quick styling tips:

  • A cropped hem looks great with a standard pump or heeled sandal.
  • Lengthen your legs even when the hem hits the floor with a pair of high-heeled wedges.
  • Invest in getting a pair of wide leg jeans tailored so you can wear flat shoes without looking shorter.

I haven’t tailored any jeans yet, but I do have two pairs of wide leg jeans. The pair featured in today’s post are quite long on their own, so I paired them with my tallest wedges to accommodate the length. The other pair I own are much shorter. While they would be ankle grazers on a taller person, they hit at the exact right length for me to wear them with flat shoes.

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wide leg jeans for short legs

Where to Shop for Wide Leg Denim

Of course, you can’t create a wide leg jeans outfit without the star attraction! In terms of saving versus investing, wide leg jeans are definitely more of a cyclical fashion trend. The last time they were in style, I was in elementary school and jamming out to the Spice Girls. When it comes to shopping trends, spend what your budget comfortably allows. Don’t feel like you need to find the highest quality of denim because they likely won’t be worn past 2-3 seasons. Keep in mind that I’m applying this timeframe in terms of trends. That’s not to say that you can’t wear clothing you purchased if it’s no longer “trendy” or anything, it’s just likely that you will also grow out of the trend around the time that it begins to phase out So, where do I recommend shopping for wide leg jeans?

  • Topshop is a great option for stiff denim and a shorter hem.
  • Zara pants tend to run long, so those of you who are taller will have the best luck shopping the trend with them.
  • For the ultimate short-term trend, stores like Madewell or American Eagle are great budget-friendly options.
  • If you love to hunt, this is the perfect trend to thrift and get some great vintage finds.

In terms of sizing, the two pairs I own are from Topshop and Zara. From my experience, Zara runs true to size and Topshop runs a bit small if you have a curvier thigh. I ordered my usual Topshop size and would prefer to go up one size for a looser fit around the thigh. What I love about the Topshop pair is the hem is perfect for shorter girls. Topshop lengths in general tend to be shorter, so keep this in mind as you browse their site.

Wide Leg Jeans Outfit Ideas

As you can see from the Zara pair, they are much longer and require tall wedges on my shorter frame. I went up a size to be safe and actually could have purchased my normal Zara jean size. The pair I own are a little loose at the waist and they have enough give in the upper thigh area that I would have felt comfortable purchasing my usual size.

Inspiration: Follow my Pinterest board all about styling wide leg pants for even more outfit ideas!

All in all, I love the wide leg trend and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as I was growing tired of my usual denim styles.

Would you wear a wide leg jeans outfit?

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