OOTD | Reflecting with Minimal Grey

I didn’t plan on capturing this outfit in a post. I haphazardly threw this on over the weekend to pick up hair extensions, and it just felt right. Does it sound silly to say I felt 100% me in the outfit? It’s simple, it’s comfortable, and it has added flair with a decorative shoe. The outfit, combined with going back to black hair, completely encompasses my personal style. Because of that, I decided to post it as an outfit of the day after all.


As a young woman, I constantly go through phases of finding myself, wanting to find myself, and feeling like I already know myself. It’s no wonder people change their style so much while in their early 20s. It’s a struggle to search for who you are, even when it comes to things as superficial as your outward appearance. I enjoyed having ombré hair. I liked challenging myself to wear my natural curls throughout the summer. I even like to dabble in both girly and edgy fashion. But at the end of the day, though, I recognize my true self the most when I’m looking at my reflection and see a girl with dark straight hair, wearing a basic tee, jeans, and flats.

I’ve only worn hair extensions a handful of times in my life (usually special occasions), so it feels a bit contradictory to talk about how much I feel like myself when this look was captured wearing them, but even with that added length in my hair I recognize myself. …It’s just me with a bit of oomph. And you know what? I like that added oomph. As far as hair is concerned, I was debating between getting bangs or just adding length. I have that constant conflict of wanting bangs but hating hair in my face, so the added length won that battle.

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Do you ever throw on an outfit and instantly feel like it truly reflects who you are as a person?