How to Master the Model Off-Duty Look

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How to Master the Model Off-Duty Look and Style TipsWhenever I’m in a style rut and need some inspiration, I head to Pinterest. Specifically, I like to search for model street style outfit inspiration. When I think of achieving the “cool girl” style, I usually aim for the model off-duty look. Not only is it fail-proof, but it’s a good rule of thumb to use when trying to piece together a complete look for a casual day. Below are my tips on getting the look:

Tips to Master the Model Off-Duty Look

1. Keep makeup light and fresh.

The keywords for that cool girl style are easy, effortless, and trendy. The same can be applied to makeup. Instead of a full face of makeup, keep foundation light with something like a radiant tinted moisturizer or sheer liquid. Add a glow on the cheeks for the fresh and awake look. If you want a little more makeup, add a winged liner and a bright lip for some color. Otherwise, keep the lips a neutral “your lips but better” shade topped with a light gloss.
Get the look:

2. Stick with the basics and add a slight trend.

For the most part, the model off-duty look is built on wardrobe essentials. Things like white tees, medium rinse denim, and black pants are outfit staples. The key is to also add something that’s newly on trend into the outfit. Instead of a basic white tee, pick a logo top or floral blouse. Stick with a neutral outfit and add a trendy bag. You ultimately want the outfit to be primarily made up of simple pieces and have a pop of something trendy.
Get the look:

3. Keep the hair low-maintenance with a little texture.

Hairstyles in general these days are leaning on the more low-maintenance side, but this is especially true if you want to master the model off duty look. With updos, you want a style that will keep hair out of your face but doesn’t require a lot of stiff hair product–think messy buns, sleek ponytails, and low braids. Otherwise, wear your hair down with a little texture—either through a natural wave or a styling wand for the beach look.

Get the look:

All in all, the main takeaway for achieving the model off-duty look aligns with my personal style philosophy: don’t overthink it. Style is personal and by that, should be easy. It represents who you are but it’s also flexible in that you can pull inspiration from outside sources and incorporate it into your wardrobe without overthinking or trying too hard.

What do you think of the model off-duty look?

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