Sleeveless Blouse + Frayed Denim

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Sleeveless Blouse and Frayed Denim-1

Sleeveless Blouse and Frayed Denim-1 Sleeveless Blouse and Frayed Denim-1 Sleeveless Blouse and Frayed Denim-1 Sleeveless Blouse and Frayed Denim-1 Sleeveless Blouse and Frayed Denim-1

What I’m Wearing: Forever 21 blouse | Zara jeans | Steve Madden shoes (similar) | AJ Morgan sunglasses | H&M jacket

Happy Monday! How has everyone been surviving the various retrogrades going on? Last week, I was having so many tech issues (hence the lack of a post on Friday) but I think everything is back to running smoothly now. After a busy week at work and resolving tech issues Friday evening, I spent the past weekend with my parents in town knocking out a few projects around my home–hanging pictures on the walls, moving furniture, knocking down wasp nests in the surrounding area outdoors, replacing broken bulbs, etc.

As I sat down on Sunday morning to plan out the day, I realized my friend and I totally forgot about a photo shoot we scheduled for that morning! On top of that, I’m expecting a package that has been significantly delayed and I didn’t receive a few important e-mails at the appropriate time. Needless to say, retrograde kicked my butt last week. The good news is because I knew Mercury was (and still is) in retrograde, I pretty much expect technology/communication issues to occur so I’ve been taking it all in stride.

We’re in a new week now so I’m keeping a positive mindset despite the setbacks, so here’s to having an amazing week ahead! I’m about as relaxed as today’s outfit. Speaking of the outfit, I previously styled this mint blouse for an office-appropriate look with blush trousers. This time around, I kept it simple and paired the blouse with my current favorite jeans from Zara and a pair of sandals from Steve Madden.

How is your Monday going?

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