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How to Mix Prints Like a Style Blogger-1Happy Wednesday!

Last week we talked about one of my favorite vibes when it comes to style: achieving the model off-duty look. While that post focused more on the casual and laidback look, today’s topic is going bold.

Mixing prints is an art that looks effortless when it’s properly styled, but it can be intimidating at first glance. If you’re new to the trend, I’m here to help! As someone who loves to mix prints pretty regularly, I’ve developed a few fail-proof tips to master the look.

How to Master the art of Wearing Mixed Prints

1. Keep one print neutral.

I used to think prints weren’t for me because I prefer a neutral color palette over bright shades, but neutral shades are a major key to mixing prints. If you’re new to wearing various prints and patterns, it’s a good rule of thumb to have one neutral layer. This prevents your outfit from looking too busy and wearing colors that clash against each other.

When one layer is a black and white pattern, you have the freedom of picking any color for the second layering piece.

How to Mix Prints Like a Style Blogger-12. Stick with timeless prints for versatility.

While fashion tends to repeat itself, trends usually don’t make a comeback for several years. Sometimes, they won’t come back until it’s considered retro or vintage–aka 20 years later. We like to keep fast trends to a reasonable level here, so I’ve learned to stick with timeless prints. Not only does it provide maximum versatility (as they all mix well together), but it also gives you the maximum ROI.

A few timeless prints that make for excellent combos:

  • Stripes/Leopard
  • Polka Dot/Floral
  • Plaid/Stripes.

3. When in doubt, start with stripes.

It’s no secret here that I love stripes. I realize that love may make this point a little biased, but I firmly believe you can’t go wrong with mixing prints when you start with stripes. Specifically, black and white stripes pair well with any print.

If you’re just getting started, I recommend starting out by finding the perfect striped tee or tank. A few of my favorite combinations are stripes with leopard print, stripes with floral print, and stripes with plaid.

Get a jump start on mixing prints by shopping some of my picks below:

What do you think of mixing prints?

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