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Workwear with Steve Madden Stepout-4


Have you noticed that I tend to post more weekend street clothes than work attire here on the blog? It’s not intentional, it’s more about convenience. When it comes to the weekend, I have the whole day to shoot my outfit if for some reason I forget to do it before running errands. On the weekdays, my time is limited. Now with the time going back an hour, it’s dark when I get off of work, and my mornings are already filled with exercise. None of these reasons are great excuses though, so I’ve found a narrow window in which I can squeeze in a quick shoot: lunchtime.

I have the luxury of being able to go home for lunch, so why not take a few pics? This is the outfit I wore to work yesterday. Does a good outfit change your mood as much as it changes mine? While I’m keen on wearing jeans and flats to work on most days, I feel better when a little more effort is put into my outfit. Yesterday was one of those days. I switched my usual pair of flats for single-sole heels by Steve Madden.

Black pants are a must when I don’t want to wear denim. I styled them with an old racerback blouse from Nordstrom. Since the blouse is sleeveless, I covered up with my classic boyfriend blazer from Guess. I’ve had the blazer for nearly 5 years and it’s still in amazing shape. I hope to bring you all more work outfits in the future, as they can inspire you to dress professionally while maintaining your own personal style.

Workwear with Steve Madden Stepout-2 Workwear with Steve Madden Stepout-1-2 Workwear with Steve Madden Stepout-5 Workwear with Steve Madden Stepout-1 Workwear with Steve Madden Stepout-7 Workwear with Steve Madden Stepout-3

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