Snapshot | New Year, New Camera

Looking for a camera is a long process. I’ve had my Nikon D3000 since 2010, when I graduated from college. It was my first DSLR and was a great beginner camera, but it was time to upgrade. I started looking at cameras a few months ago and finally purchased one on Christmas. As you can see, I chose the Nikon D5300. This time around, I wanted my camera to have a swivel LCD monitor and video capabilities.  Surprisingly, Nikon only has 2 DSLR models with a swivel screen. I’m not too sure if Canon has a wider variety with that option, but I thought that was odd because it seems like that would be a common necessity for photographers.

I’m either going to sell my old camera, give it to my friend, or keep it as a backup camera. I’m spending the rest of the day getting to know my new camera, how are you spending your Sunday?