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Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s hard to believe we’re in 2014 already. Remember when we thought these years were so futuristic, and we’d have flying cars by now? Anyway, for the past few years I have made both traditional and style resolutions. What’s a style resolution?

Much like a traditional New Year’s resolution, a style resolution is a goal I set for myself to accomplish in the new year. The only difference is that it’s fashion specific. Last year, I believe one of my style resolutions was to wear more color. Funnily enough, that is the very resolution that led me to realize how much I love minimal neutral colors. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of my personal style now, so this year’s resolutions focus more on expanding without losing the sense of who I am.

My Style Resolutions

  1. Wear More Heels
    I love heels. …..Let me clarify that by saying I love looking at heels. I’m not the kind of girl who hates high heeled shoes, I simply don’t wear them because I rarely find any that are comfortable for more than a 3-hour timespan. My personal style is built 100% around comfort, so I’ve generally stopped looking for heels altogether and just shop for flats or boots instead. I’d like to change that this year. It’ll be a challenge finding heels that are comfortable, but I hope to look back on this year and see a significant percentage of outfit posts featuring various heels.
  2. Diversify My Bottoms
    If I’m not mistaken, I put this on my style resolutions list last year as well. I obviously didn’t do a good enough job with this one, as I’m still very much living in skinny jeans. It’s not at all intentional that my outfit posts are primarily skinny jeans and a t-shirt, that’s just what I have in my closet and reach for. Diversifying my bottoms is my top resolution because I want to break the habit of living in denim 24/7. I also believe looking for different bottoms will keep my OOTD features interesting. There are only so many different ways you can style jeans and a t-shirt, am I right?
  3. Incorporate Professional Wear
    I sort of hesitantly put this one on my list of resolutions. I’m kind of forcing myself into being an adult. I’m not saying it’s impossible to blend your personal style with professional wear, but I am saying I find it pretty difficult for me to personally do. Professional blouses and slacks can make a person look classy and chic, but I can’t wear it if I feel like I’m playing dress up. The goal this year is to blend the two seamlessly.

Those are my style resolutions. If I’m able to stick with them, you’ll definitely notice it on the blog.

What are your 2014 style resolutions?


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