#UOonYOU | Delicious Vinyl Tee


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Outfit Details

Remember when ‘#’ was just the rarely used number symbol key? 

I wore this outfit last year (and by last year I mean a few days ago) while running errands. I’m not at all a sneaker person, though I did own Jordans back in the high school days. That being said, I am obsessed with Keds. Anytime I wear these Keds-inspired shoes, I wonder why I don’t wear them more often. They are so comfortable and I just think they look really cute and simple with every casual outfit. Also, they remind me of my childhood because my sister and I always seemed to have a pair of these in our closet.

Years ago I saw a picture of Kristen Stewart wearing a fitted ‘Delicious Vinyl’ tee that I loved. I think it’s the color combo with the pop of red that made me instantly love that shirt. When browsing the Urban Outfitters app a few weeks ago, I saw that the guy version of the shirt was back in stock and knew instantly that I had to get it. The tee is super soft and fits pretty well considering it’s a guy shirt. To keep it simple, I just paired it with skinny black pants and my new MxMJ crossbody bag.

My phone case is surprisingly from American Eagle. Doesn’t it looks like it came from Anthropologie or Free People? The design is really pretty, I’m actually surprised I found it at AE since I normally don’t shop there. I guess it pays to step out of your standard store map while shopping, huh?



  1. January 4, 2014 / 10:00 pm

    Cute outfit, I really like the shirt. Love how the sleeves are cuffed.
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