Here’s What to Buy from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Between a pandemic and a later runway, this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is definitely unique! During a normal year, I’ll typically make a full wishlist online once the sale is live and split how I shop. For the items that are in stock at my local Nordstrom, I’ll head in-store to check them out and purchase. Anything that catches my eye but isn’t in-store, I’ll order online. This year, I’m shopping 100% online and plan on being patient with any shipping delays that may come. Just like any other year, I’ve curated the Nordstorm Anniversary Sale 2020 picks by creating my own wishlist and adding a list of items I think you may enjoy. Rather than only list them all out, I thought it would be more helpful for you to see complete looks. Personally, I love to look at outfit collages when I’m trying to find a particular item. It helps me see various ways to style it–which increases my return on investment–and I’ll sometimes even walk away with a new outfit!

Now, before I share my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 picks, there are a few questions to answer first:

  • Why should you care about this sale?
  • When can you start shopping?

nordstrom anniversary sale picks

Why You Should Shop Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Simply put? It’s not your average retail sale.

If you’re on Instagram, probably every third post around this time of year is about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you’re reading this post, then I thank you because there is so much content out there about the sale that you could read but you landed on this site and I appreciate it. There’s a reason why your favorite influencers and bloggers talk about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale more than others (except maybe Sephora’s sale) and it’s not just about affiliate purchases. In a traditional sale, stores markdown items at the end of a season in an effort to push out the products that didn’t sell during peak season. This ensures they bring in sales while making room for new inventory for the upcoming season. Because of this model, sale items are typically the “out of season” pieces.

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale does the opposite. Instead of marking down old items, it’s marking down new pieces. Essentially, it’s a fall and winter preview sale! Nordstrom puts some classic and new arrivals on sale for a brief period of time, and then everything goes back up to the regular price once the sale is over. Honestly, I wish more retail stores would do this. I feel like it’s the perfect amount of time for customers to get a headstart on picking up seasonal favorites, and a sale will only drive more purchases. But, enough about that. Let’s move on to the next question and then I’ll stop rambling long enough to share my picks.

nordstrom anniversary sale picks

When to Shop | The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates for 2020

I mentioned earlier in the post that the dates of the Nordstrom sale are later than most years. This year, the earliest to shop was August 4th. Of course, the dates vary based on each customer. If you’re a cardholder, the access begins anywhere from August 4th to August 13th. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, your shopping begins on August 19th. Regardless of when you shop, the sale ends for everyone on August 30. Below is a nice little rundown of when you can shop based on your cardholder status:

For the cardholders:

    • Icon early access: August 4-18
    • Ambassador early access: August 7-18
    • Influencer early access: August 10-18
    • Insider early access: August 13-18

For the non-cardholders:

    • Public access: August 19-30

Okay, enough chatter. Let’s get into the good stuff!

nordstrom anniversary sale picks

What to Buy | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blogger Picks

As a disclaimer, let me start off by saying you absolutely do not have to buy all of these items. I mentioned in my last post that we’re in interesting times, so not everyone has the same funds that they used to before the pandemic hit. Even if you do have the same funds, your mindset may have shifted a bit. I’m in the middle of a style shift and with that comes a new set of eyes for my future versatile pieces. If you have the means and are in the mood to shop, think about what pieces fit your current style and can be carried into the next few seasons. On average, I make a wishlist each year of about 10-20 pieces and end up purchasing anywhere between 1 and 5 items. Over the years I’ve learned that I’m the type of person who will forget about a new item and never wear it if I buy too many things at once. Set a price or item limit for yourself, buy what your wardrobe is missing, and be on your merry way! Now, let’s take a look at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 picks.

I created four different looks: activewear, office attire, cozy at home, fall nights. Below each look, I’ve included links to the pieces featured and a few additional ones so you can add them to your wishlist!

Set One: Activewear

Zella has some really cute gym clothes, but I have yet to try the brand. These pink tones caught my eye immediately so I had to add them to the list.

Set Two: Cozy Casual

Jeans are a great purchase during the sale! I love the look of this oversized sweater for a casual look, and the jeans featured have a versatile wash that can be worn year-round.

Set Three: Office Chic

Despite working from home, I still like to dress the part throughout the week to stay motivated and feel put together. These pieces, especially the sandals, instantly caught my eye.

Set Four: Fall Nights

My style is leaning more towards neutral tones lately, but I couldn’t help but add this red sweater to the wishlist! It’s the perfect pop of color for a cute date night in the fall.

Personalizing Your Wishlist

Okay, so what if you’ve seen my recommendations and want to expand on them even further? No problem! What’s nice about Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is they let you preview before you even have access to shop! What this means is you don’t have to scramble clicking through each category when the sale is live. Instead, you can save yourself the headache of something selling out while browsing and just visit your wish list and add to your cart. This is especially helpful for those of us who gain access later than others, as the inventory for the trending items starts to naturally decline.

While you wait for your access date, head to and create your wishlist. When I made my wishlist, I streamlined the process by clicking on the categories I was most interested in. Everything from clothing to home to beauty has a sale selection, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed sorting through the noise. I recommend starting in three places:

Those three categories are my first points of interest because they are timely for the fall season and that’s typically where I find the most savings. As someone living in Texas, paying full price on winter jackets is something I like to avoid when I can. Nordstrom also has some of the trending items listed on their site as well, which is helpful if you feel completely lost.

nordstrom anniversary sale picks

Short on time? Here’s the key info:

  • Take a peek at Nordstrom’s key dates to find out if you can shop before the public access on August 19.
  • Create your wishlist ahead of time by taking advantage of the preview!
  • Spend some time looking through your wishlist to hone in on 1-5 pieces to purchase.
  • Check out a collection of my recommended picks here.
FTC: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, I receive a small commission when purchases are made using the links. I truly appreciate it when you shop the links provided--it helps keep the lights on and lets me know the additional time of curating links is valuable.