How to Shop Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale | Must-Haves

Get your wallets ready, because it’s officially time to shop the anniversary sale at Nordstrom! If you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, then you’re a step ahead of the curve and can start shopping the sale right now. Not a cardmember? No worries, the sale opens to the public on July 19 and lasts through August 4th!

What I like about the Nordstrom sale is, online, the general public is still welcome to browse Nordstrom’s site during the early access week. This means you can browse around, get ideas, and make a ready-to-go shopping list for when the sale opens up!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips

Why Everyone Loves Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

It’s not your ordinary sale.

There’s a reason why your favorite LTKit girls push this sale more than most and it’s not just about affiliate purchases. In a traditional sale, stores will mark down items at the end of a season in an effort to push out the products that didn’t sell during peak season. This ensures they bring in sales while making room for new inventory for the upcoming season. Because of this model, sale items are “out of season” pieces and things that have been on the shelves for a while. (This is also why sometimes, girl, you just have to buy the shoes when you see them.)

What differentiates Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale from the rest is that it isn’t marking down old items, it’s marking down new pieces. Think of it as a fall preview sale! Nordstrom puts the new arrivals on sale for a brief period of time, and then everything goes back up to the regular price as we approach the upcoming season. In a sense, Nordstrom is switching the mindset of their customer and making them think like a true fashion lover–ahead of the season.We’re midway through summer right now but this is not the time to solely stock up on summer pieces. Now is the time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe–at least until the sale ends.

To help with your shopping needs, I’ve put together a few “must-have” lists based on what you’re shopping for:

  • Wardrobe Staples
  • Fall Style Picks
  • My Personal Wishlist
  • Inside My Closet

The Wardrobe Staples You Need

Not much of a trendy person? That’s totally fine. The safest, most versatile way to shop a sale is to take stock of your current wardrobe and fill in the gaps. Grab all the closet staples while they’re discounted and complete the collection of essentials: Think leather jackets, little black dresses, dark wash denim, and ankle boots. Shop the collection below for some of my staple picks and definitely catch up on my style staples series to get more classic inspiration!

Plan for the Fall | Style Must-Haves

What you may notice from my personal wishlist is that most of the items fall under the fall fashion category. We all love fall for the cute clothes and layers, but isn’t it even better when those items are available at a discount before the season arrives? Even as new trends are introduced, there are still a few classic fall items to count on: boots, plaid, and animal print. Below are a few of my fall picks:

Grab My Personal Sale Wishlist

If you’re a frequent reader of the site, it’s safe to say we’ve built trust and you like my take on fashion. First of all, thank you!  I love helping people feel more confident through outfit inspiration and style tips! Second of all, I’m here to help! Pick my brain a bit and use my wishlist as a source of inspiration! If we share a similar taste when it comes to style, check out the items I’ve added to my list.

Shop My Closet | What I Own

Going along the same vein of shopping my wishlist, you can also take inspiration from me by grabbing pieces that are already in my wardrobe! This section is something I’ve added after seeing my absolute favorite duffle bag make the sale this year. I recommend it all the time and literally use it every single time I travel, so I wanted to highlight the fact that it’s on sale! Along with the bag are a few other pieces I own either in the same style or a different color–beauty items included. (P.S. You can always shop my outfits by following me on the LiketoKnowIt app or checking out the shop page here on the blog!)

Which shopping method are you tackling this year? For the cardholders, what have you already purchased?

P.S. If things are sold out online–they tend to sell extremely fast during this sale–head into your local Nordstrom!

FTC: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, I receive a small commission when purchases are made using the links. I truly appreciate it when you shop the links provided–it helps keep the lights on and lets me know the additional time of curating links is valuable.