How to Create the Perfect Work-from-Home Outfit

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Welcome back! Continuing along with my office style series, today we’re talking about the work-from-home outfit ideas you should try. While last week talked about how you can add color to your office style, those tips were primarily talking to those of you who are back in the office. You can certainly apply the style tips at home, but I wanted to create a post specifically for those of you who work out of your house. Whether it’s permanent or temporary, it can be easy to slip into a constant rotation of pajamas and sweatpants. To restore your love of a good outfit, let’s talk about some work-from-home outfit ideas.

3 ways to style work from home outfits

Outfit Details: Nasty Gal top | Forever 21 pants | Steve Madden boots | Beis tote

The Formula for Easy Work-from-Home Outfit Ideas

Before jumping into the three work-from-home outfit ideas I have for you, let’s talk about why you should even get dressed in the first place. Sounds silly, right? But, you’d be surprised how easy it is to talk yourself out of truly getting dressed for your day. I mean, you’re in the comfort of your own home so why bother with an office outfit, right? Wrong! As discussed in a previous post, dressing for your day can kickstart your level of productivity. If you wake up feeling tired and unmotivated, throwing on a pair of sweatpants certainly won’t change those feelings. When you look good, you feel good. You want to dress the part so you can mentally be in the space required to complete your work. Plus, it makes for much easier video calls when you’re already fully dressed and ready to go. (And if you’re like me, you can run to the door for your packages without having to worry about finding pants.)

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Now, the second thing you may be wondering is why not take the mullet approach to your work-from-home outfit. By that, I mean, wear a business top and keep it comfy with sweatpants on the bottom. This is common for those of us temporarily working from home because your coworkers can’t see below your torso on those video calls. Here’s the thing: If you’re reading this blog, I assume you like fashion. As someone who likes fashion, my mind will feel as chaotic as my outfit if I were to wear something as disconnected as an office blouse with activewear pants. The main reason people do this when they work from home is to indulge in comfort. I get it, but you don’t have to resort to a mismatched outfit to feel comfortable. Below are a few style essentials to help inspire new, cohesive work-from-home outfit ideas.

Chic Work from Home Outfit Ideas

Satin Blouse + Stretch Pants

My favorite work-from-home-outfit is the oversized blouse and slim work pants combination. In the office, a semi-fitted blouse and cigarette pant is a timeless outfit combination that is both professional and stylish. If you work from home, you can still get the look with a few minor tweaks. A slightly oversized blouse provides the breathability you need to feel comfortable at home, and it will keep you cool under any additional lighting you may have set up for those virtual meetings.

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Since the blouse is on the looser side, you’ll want to balance the look and maintain shape by choosing a slimmer pant. If you’re a leggings person, you can certainly grab your favorite pair as long as they aren’t activewear. Remember, the goal of the work-from-home outfit is to fully dress the part while maintaining comfort. For me, I like slim pants that have a bit of stretch to them but aren’t necessarily leggings. Instead of a zipper closure, finding a pant with an elastic waist will provide the most comfort. Zipper closures can start to dig into your skin if you’re sitting for too long, whereas elastic remains fitted without the pinch.

How to Style Work from Home Outfits

Bodysuit + Wide Leg Trousers

So, you know that thing about balance? While the first work-from-home outfit idea has a breathable top and a fitted yet stretchy bottom, another way to dress for the virtual office and remain comfortable is to flip that look on its head. If you haven’t tried on a pair of wide-leg trousers yet, what are you waiting for? Wide leg pants leave your legs so much room inside that they almost feel like you aren’t wearing pants at all. It’s worth noting that all wide-leg trousers aren’t created equal. For maximum comfort, try looking for a pair made of lightweight fabrics like linen or modal. If they move with you rather than maintain a structured shape, they’ll be comfortable enough to wear for your 8+ hour workday.

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Wide leg trousers and bodysuit work-from-home outfit idea

Products shown: Zara pants | Reformation bodysuit | Gorjana necklace | Zara bag

Styling wide-leg trousers with a bodysuit will prevent your outfit from losing its shape. Cotton bodysuits can be really comfortable to wear in comparison to a standard cami because you don’t have to spend the day readjusting your top and tucking it back into your waistband. I’ll sometimes wear a sleeveless bodysuit and have a blazer nearby for when those virtual meetings are in session.

Cute and Chic Office Outfit

Cozy Dress + Cardigan

Last but not least is another favorite of mine: dresses! Dresses act like the “put together” version of sweatpants. Depending on the style of dress you pick, it can often feel like you aren’t wearing clothes at all. For the work-from-home outfit idea, there are three recommendations you can take advantage of.

Casual Dress and Cozy Sweater Work-from-home outfit idea

Products shown: Urban Outfitters cardigan | Zara bag | Madewell dress

  1. Maxi dresses
  2. Long-sleeved day dresses
  3. Strappy dresses with cardigans

The maxi dress is the ultimate comfort look and actually doesn’t need the cardigan as a second layer. For day dresses, you can either go with a flowy long-sleeved version or a sleeveless option. The cardigan is the add-on for this option because most work environments lean on the conservative style, so you’ll want something nearby to keep those spaghetti straps under wraps. The bonus? We’re exiting the summer months and there’s nothing like bundling your fingers under a cozy cardigan while sipping on a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

3 ways to style work from home outfits

TL;DR? Here are the key things to keep in mind when creating your work-from-home outfits:

  • Getting fully dressed for the day can increase your mood and boost productivity.
  • When shopping for work-from-home outfits, keep comfort and professionalism in mind.
  • An oversized blouse paired with a fitted and stretch pant will meet the needs of home and the office with ease.
  • Wide-leg trousers made of lightweight fabrics are perfect for those long workdays at home.
  • Dresses are the “put together”  version of sweatpants. Pick out a comfortable dress for those work-from-home days and keep a cardigan nearby for extra cozy vibes.

What are your work-from-home outfit ideas?

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The Best Work from Home Outfit Ideas for Comfort

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