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Hi, I'm Chelsey

The minimal trend is still going strong, and I for one am not complaining. A few posts back, I talked about minimal mules. Today, it’s all about the handbags. Below are some of my personal favorites. While they are all my style, some of them don’t necessarily fit my lifestyle. For example, minimal backpacks are probably my favorite style because of how clean they look, but I don’t go to school so I don’t have a lifestyle that warrants a backpack.

My primary handbag style is a crossbody bag. They’re not only cute, but also very functional. Even though I can’t own them all, they’re still nice to look at for inspiration purposes:


Neutral Bag Details

Summertime is prime neutral bag season. The lighter color makes any handbag a great daytime option, especially when a bright bag will clash with your outfit. I haven’t found the perfect light nude bag just yet, but of the selection above, I’m eyeing the Rebecca Minkoff crossbody. The fringe keeps it youthful, the size keeps it functional, and the color keeps it chic.


Black and White Bag Details

Even though we’re in the warmer seasons, I can’t part with black. To compensate for the lighter seasons, pair black pieces with white items. I’m a bit hesitant of owning a white bag because I’m afraid it might get dirty before I can use it to its maximum potential. With that being said, the Steve Madden ‘BMocha’ fringe bag is definitely my style. From the black selection, I’d really like to find the Baggu bucket bag in stores. Bucket bags are some of my favorite styles because they’re like a mixture of a backpack shape with a crossbody function.

Which bag is your favorite?

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