Statment Necklace + Graphic Tee

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The Fashion

Here’s the thing: I love statement necklaces…on other people. When it comes to wearing them myself, I always feel like they don’t look great on me. One mix I do like on myself is the statement necklace with a casual tee combo. I recently purchased this rustic statement necklace from H&M and absolutely love how well it looks when worn against a graphic tee. The shorts should look familiar, as they’re the same Topshop shorts feature in The Celfie Tee post.

The Beauty

Once again, I’m wearing the Vivienne style of Quay Australia sunglasses. I know I’ve had them in nearly every outfit post lately, but I love them. I love the size, the color, the versatility, everything! Also, I’m the type of person to wear what I love until it falls apart. I finally found Salon Perfect’s Flamingo Flair nail polish in stores, which is what’s on my nails. On my lips, I have a MAC favorite: Captive. I love  wearing softer shades in the daytime now because it’s enough to add some color without being the focal point.

Marvel-Tee-and-Statement-Necklace-3 Marvel-Tee-and-Statement-Necklace-8 Marvel-Tee-and-Statement-Necklace-5 Marvel-Tee-and-Statement-Necklace-2 Marvel-Tee-and-Statement-Necklace-4 Marvel-Tee-and-Statement-Necklace-6 Marvel-Tee-and-Statement-Necklace-7

Outfit Details

How do you style your statement necklace?

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