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Guys. I took the plunge…MBMJ Sunglasses-1I know, okay? I am 100% aware that this purchase is completely out of character for me. I have honestly never spent more than $20 on sunglasses, and even a $20 price tag is a bit much in my opinion. (Truthfully, it still is, so don’t fret. This is not the beginning of a blogger turned high-end transition. I still love my super inexpensive sunglass hut known as Forever 21.) The reason behind my frugal eyewear collection is due to the fact that I always seem to lose or break them before I even have the chance to fall out of love. At the beginning of the summer, I posted about the Karlie Kloss Warby Parker eyewear collection and mentioned that I was quietly looking for one good pair of sunglasses to splurge on. Ray Ban is the immediate “splurge” brand when you think of sunglasses, but those literally fall right off my nose. I really loved Karlie’s collection, so I initially thought one of her styles would be the winner. Of course, being a lover of Marc Jacobs, it only makes sense that he was yet again the man brand behind my purchase. After all, his products are always my high-end splurges – first designer bag, first ridiculously priced “I can’t believe I did this but I totally get it” lipstick binge, and if I’m not mistaken he was also my first brand name phone case. Why not keep the tradition alive?

I am not a label obsessed fashionista by any means. I’m more of the “stick to what you know” variety, which explains why once I find a good store, brand, or product, I become a returning customer. Although I have been wanting just one good pair of sunglasses, I haven’t been actively shopping for them. I found these on a day in which I wasn’t even looking…isn’t that how it always happens? My friends and I met up to find festive home decor items, which ended up turning into a workwear fall fashion shop-a-thon at our local mall. In the midst of the marathon, my friends decided to pop over to the eyewear section of Neiman Marcus. That’s where I met this beauty.

What drew me to this pair was the color. It has a gorgeous rose gold frame with a mirrored golden brown lens, which I felt would look perfect against my skin tone. Not to mention, I found the color to be very unique as I haven’t seen anything like them in my usual affordable stores. I tried them on, loved them, and then realized they were Marc by Marc Jacobs. Of course they were. Fun fact: This always happens to me. I try something on or spot an item without noticing the brand, and once I look at who makes the product, it’s always a brand that is in my “stick to what you know” pocket. I admit, I actually really love when this happens because it further cements the fact that I truly like a brand for its designs rather than its label.  After loving the design and realizing it was a brand I gravitate towards, I looked at the price out of sheer curiosity. This beauty only cost $110, which was much more reasonable than quite a few other pairs that were in the store. I imagined a higher price tag, so the cost sealed the deal and I purchased them.

The lens itself is mirrored and has ‘Marc by Marc Jacobs’ stamped across the upper lefthand side of the left lens, and the frame features the same typography engraved on either side. Along with the pair, came a sturdy button snap case and cleaning cloth, which I can appreciate to help assist in my usual sunglass clumsiness. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase. My biggest suggestion to those of you in the same boat is to go in-store and try on every pair you think you may want to shell out the cash for. It helped having friends there to confirm or deny whether they fit my face, but at the end of the day I’m the one wearing them so it’s not fully necessary to have a buddy there if that’s not something you’re able to do. The importance and beauty of fashion is that it is truly represents your personal taste. Whether your friends, family, and especially strangers find something you like to be less than appealing, that should never stop you from purchasing something. Of course, there is that fine line of asking for opinions versus being provided with beneficial criticism, but that’s another post on its own.

My macro lens is pretty difficult to work with on my new camera, so I couldn’t capture the details as well as I would have hoped. I still took a few pictures with my other lenses and posted them down below, so hopefully some of the details still come across.

MBMJ Sunglasses-5 MBMJ Sunglasses-4 MBMJ Sunglasses-3 MBMJ Sunglasses-2

If you’re interested in purchasing the same pair, click here to be taken to the direct link from the Neiman Marcus website. You can also click here to see how they look on me, as I just posted an outfit of the day with me wearing them.

A few Details

  • Rose Golden Metal Aviator Frames
  • Mirrored Teardrop Lenses
  • MBMJ Logo on Left Lens
  • Aviator-Style Double Nose Bridge
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection

What do you think? Are you frugal when it comes to sunglasses, or do you prefer to invest in high quality?

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