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Happy Monday! This week’s video is a little different and a little more relaxed. Since it’s a new month and I’m settling back into a routine after traveling, I thought you might like to see a mini behind the scenes look into my planning process.

Watch the video below to see how I plan out weekly blog content for my editorial calendar, and let me know if you’d like to see more behind the scenes videos! As always, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! Not only are you helping me out, but you’re also getting a first look at the newest videos!

Behind the Scenes | Planning a Weekly Editorial Calendar

You may not know this, but the last few months of the year are my favorite! Not only do I love the holiday season, but there’s something about approaching the end of the year that makes me feel rejuvenated and wanting to start fresh! I’m always looking for ways to keep content interesting for both myself and you all as the readers, so definitely let me know what content you are interested in seeing!

I took advantage of the long weekend to get back into the swing of things, so we’ll have new content coming out this week! In addition to that, I also met up with Jonathan for a blogger date yesterday. For those of you who are also creatives, you know how common it is to go through peaks and valleys with motivation. Having friends both on and offline who create content is such a luxury! We’re able to bounce ideas off of one another, help shoot content, and just motivate each other when we’ve hit a creative wall.

By the end of our blog session, we walked away feeling motivated and ready to take on the month! Although I don’t want to make “behind the scenes” content a weekly recurrence, I am interested in sharing that kind of stuff with you all on occasion. Personally, I find behind the scenes videos really interesting to watch. Maybe I’ll vlog a future blog date!

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