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Hi, I'm Chelsey

Happy Sunday! By the time you’re watching this, I’m in New York! Today’s video is a quick one sharing what I packed for my latest trip! Hope you enjoy!

Pack With Me for NYC | Vacation Prep

So as you can see, the video shares how I pack for NY in a few segments:

  1. The Carry-On
  2. The Makeup Bag
  3. The Suitcase

I’ll be in NY for 5 days, so for my carry-on, I really just need something small that will keep all of my airport essentials inside. For that purpose, I’m taking my black Forever 21 backpack. I purchased this a year or two ago when the minimalist style was super trendy, but I still regularly wear it. Not only does it fit enough for basic travel, but the clean style pairs well with most of my wardrobe.

The Carry-On Bag

Inside the backpack, I’m taking my essentials for the plane. For me, flights are the perfect opportunity to read a good book. I am taking Gary Vaynerchuck’s Crushing It book so I can stay inspired on the way to NY. I also ordered Jaclyn Johnson’s Work Party book on Amazon, so I may swap books if it arrives before I head out of town.

I’m also taking a monthly planner, journal, and pens to jot down content ideas. Whether you use your notes app or a pen and paper, I’ve learned to always keep something nearby where you can write down all those great ideas or reminders that your brain thinks of during the most random times. I also never check my electronics, so this bag will also be the home to my iPad, camera, chargers, and external batteries.

The Makeup Bag

The next bag I’m taking is my makeup bag. I won’t go into too much detail here since I talked about my makeup essentials for travel in a previous video, but my goal this time around is to keep it simple. I know I’m going to take outfit pictures while I’m on vacation, so I do need to pack “camera-ready” makeup: foundation, concealer, bronzer/highlight, eyeliner, and mascara. I’m not really feeling eyeshadow right now, but I am packing one palette just in case.

The Checked Bag

As for the checked bag, this is where I’m keeping all of my clothes. I’m using the larger 30-inch suitcase from my Calpak marble luggage set, which is my go-to for flights. When I’m traveling by car, I’ll typically use the smaller 22-inch Calpak suitcase and a Sole Society duffle bag. I’ve been using packing cubes for the past few trips and they completely save space in your suitcase. I purchased my first set from Amazon, but have since replaced them with Calpak cubes to match my luggage and haven’t looked back!

This is my first time traveling to New York so I’m pretty much relying on the weather app to get a feel for what to wear. To be on the safe side, I’m taking outfits that are easy to wear and comfortable to walk around in for several hours at a time: jumpsuits, dresses, and shorts. Follow me on Instagram to see what I wear each day!

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