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I caved. After using alternative methods to test out ombré color, I finally got the urge to dye my own hair. I didn’t want to dye my hair for a while, but I was craving a little summer change. You can see how my hair turned out in yesterday’s outfit of the day post, but here is my full review of  the product I used to achieve the ombré look.

L’Oreal Paris: Féria Wild Ombré Home Hair Color
Price: ($10-12)

ombre hair


  • Lightens black hair really well
  • Easy application
  • Comes with more than enough product
  • Cheaper alternative to a salon visit


  • Very strong smell
  • Difficult to judge when desired color is reached
  • More expensive than most box dye
Overall Rating: B+
Repurchase? Yes


I would repurchase this if I ever choose to ombré my hair again. Although it cost more than the average box dye, I liked the simplicity of using this instead of spending at least one hundred dollars trying to get the ombré look at a salon. I only plan on keeping this color for the remainder of the summer, so I’m not concerned with any potential fading or dullness that may occur over time. If you’re interested in having an ombré hairstyle year-round, I would not recommend this solely because box dye in general doesn’t have that long-term lasting power.
What do you think of box dye? 
It’s known to be the most damaging option for dyeing hair, but I’ve always found salons to leave my hair in a worse state than box dye.

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  1. Pretty Haute says:

    I think you did a great job, I like it

  2. Tanya says:

    I love this! It looks good.


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