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Haul time! I’m actually trying not to buy any makeup right now, but most of the items I purchased are things that I need. Over the weekend, I went to Ulta and Sephora to find a new concealer and setting powder. I’m nearing the end of my MAC Pro Longwear concealer, so I’d like to take the opportunity to find a new replacement. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the perfect option. There are a few on the market that caught my interest, but the shades selection was very limited. I’m not one to buy two concealers and mix them for the perfect shade because concealer isn’t a makeup staple for me, so I walked out of both stores without a new concealer. As for the things I did buy, let’s start with Sephora:

face-make-haul face-primer-haul

Sephora Haul – Prep and Post

Besides a new concealer, I needed to stock up on a few basics to set up my fall makeup routine. Although the first day of Fall isn’t for another month, I wanted to use the next few weeks as a trial period for potential products. Most days I wear BareMinerals powder foundation, but if I know I’m going to be shooting or I want a little something extra, I’ll wear liquid foundation. On those days, I need three things:

  1. A mattifying primer
  2. A Beauty Blender to apply the foundation
  3. A setting powder to keep me shine-free

I haven’t had the products I purchased long enough to give a full review, but I’ve dabbled in them for the past 3 days so I can share my quick first impressions.


The Original Beauty Blender

They also come in black and red now, but I still prefer the vibrant pink shade. My last Beauty Blender got thrown out some time ago, and I’ve desperately missed the lightweight and natural finish it provides. On days where I use liquid foundation, I was using a flat top Morphe brush for application. While it worked great for full coverage, I much prefer a sheer to medium coverage with a natural finish. That’s why I love the beauty blender: Even with thicker foundations, it has the capability of applying as sheer as you want it. I love the Beauty Blender so much that I included it in my best of beauty post last December, and I’m happy to say my feelings haven’t changed.


MUFE Step 1 Base Equalizer

I’ve noticed my skin gets used to a primer very quickly, so I wanted to scope out a few options to alternate and keep my skin guessing. I heard a few good things about the Mattifying Primer option from Make Up For Ever’s Base Equalizer line. In the few days that I’ve used it, I like it. It dries very quickly, so you have to move fast. I still blot mid-way through the day, but I feel like this product coupled with what I’m about to share have reduced the amount of shine. While I still get oily, it’s not as….heavy, for lack of a better word.


Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Setting Powder

While everyone is raving about the translucent loose setting powder, I oped for a different type. For one, the loose powder was sold out. There was a pressed version available, but I noticed the first ingredient was talc. Although I’m not a huge ingredient stickler yet, I didn’t feel comfortable purchasing a setting powder that had talc as its primary ingredient. Plus, this smooth focus version that I chose is geared towards shine control. I’ve used this for the past few days and I like it, especially as a touch up powder throughout the day after blotting away the oil. This powder gives a matte finish, so you definitely want to follow it with bronzer or blush to add some dimension back to your face.


Ulta Haul – New in Face

As for Ulta, I solely went for concealer and still managed to walk out with a few things:

  1. Multiple shades of L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte
  2. L’oreal Lumi Liquid Glow in Golden

Why did I buy three of the same product? Keep on reading to find out!


L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

Once upon a time, L’oreal was my favorite all around makeup brand. I still prefer their mascaras over anyone else, but I’ve graduated to other brands for face makeup. What made me want to revert back to the brand for a trial run was the hype surrounding their new Pro-Matte foundation. Anything geared towards matte or shine control immediately catches my attention. The thing is, the color selection was very difficult to navigate through because of the packaging. Ulta had a sale going on, which prompted me to go ahead and purchase 3 shades that seem to come close to my skin tone. I can’t speak to the quality of the product as I haven’t opened these yet, but I plan to write a post next week comparing the 3 shades so other woc will have a reference guide for choosing their color.

loreal-true-match-lumi loreal-true-match-lumi-golden


L’Oreal True Match Lumi

Although I stay away from liquid cheek products, I kept seeing negative reviews for the powder version of L’Oreal True Match Lumi. I decided to go ahead and test this product because sometimes I want a natural glow, and the Becca highlighters can be very showy.  While Becca’s topaz shade provides a subtle glow when applied with a light hand, this L’oreal True Match Lumi has a totally different kind of subtle. It’s almost as if the glow comes from within, and it’s light enough to mix in with your foundation.

I may not have found a concealer, but I’m excited to see how I end up feeling about the products I’ve purchased.

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