The Best Home Scents for Fall

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bath-and-body-works-haul-4My candle purchasing habits increase as we inch closer and closer to the end of the year. There’s just something about filling your home with warm, inviting scents that amplify the fall and winter season. Spring and summer candles are nice, but they just can’t compete with inviting scents their fall counterparts provide. Today, I want to quickly share the small fall haul I picked up from Bath & Body Works. 


The Candles

My friends know I have a lot of candles, so it’s no surprise I made a quick trip to Bath & Body Works while they had their 2-day candle sale over the weekend. I rotate my candles out based on the season, and I truthfully have all that I need in regards to fall and winter scents. The main reason I went was for Flannel. Last year, Flannel was a hot seller. It smells amazing, but it was out of stock when I went back to purchase. Seeing it back in stores was so exciting because I didn’t know whether or not it was a recurring scent. I’ve noticed I gravitate towards scents with bergamot, and Flannel is no exception. The primary notes are bergamot, mahogany, and soft musk.

Marshmallow Fireside is my favorite candle scent ever. Bath & Body Works made a seasonal candle called Trick or Treat last year for Halloween that smelled just like this, and I still have it ready for use in October. That being said, I still wanted to pick up Marshmallow Fireside because of the 2 for $24 deal. The primary notes are toasted marshmallows, smoky woods, and sweet vanilla. I strongly recommend heading to your local B&BW and giving this scent a sniff.


The Wallflowers

I have a love/hate relationship with wallflowers. I love how quickly they fill up your home with a warm scent, but I hate how you no longer smell it after a week or two. I’m not sure if my nose just gets used to the scent, or if the wallflower truly does lose its intensity after the initial plug-in. I like to use these after cleaning to provide a little oomph. Obviously, Marshmallow Fireside was a must-have.

Sweater Weather is another favorite fall scent of mine, but I still have the scent in candle form so I opted for a wallflower instead. To me, Sweater Weather smells like a clean, soapy version of Autumn. The primary notes are eucalyptus, juniper berry, and fresh sage. Marshmallow Fireside works best as a bedroom or living room scent, but Sweater Weather is more versatile. It has the warmth for a living area mixed with the cleanliness primarily used for bathrooms.

Speaking of bathrooms, Eucalyptus Mint is my go-to bathroom scent. I have the candle form already, as well as the Stress Relief version of the scent. As the name indicates, this provides a light, clean scent that has a minty undertone. The primary notes are fresh eucalyptus, spear mint, and a dash of citrus.

bath-and-body-works-haul-11 bath-and-body-works-haul-10

The Fragrance Plugs

I have a few wallflower plugs, but the get a bit dingy after frequent use so I decided to finally replace them. Bath and Body Works has a lot of really cute designs out right now, like the three I purchased above. The bronze sunburst is my favorite. I normally purchase the standard white plugs, but this time I decided to match my decor. The sunburst and the black design transition well into Fall, which I love. Although the textured coral plug isn’t Fall appropriate, it was too pretty to pass up and it matches my bathroom colors.

What home scents do you reach for in the fall?

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