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Hi, I'm Chelsey

What do you guys think of coordinate sets? I purchased this one at Target a few months back as an experiment to see what I thought of the trend in general. (Pro Tip: Shop in fast fashion stores when you want to try out a trend but you aren’t fully ready to commit.)

I decided to go shopping around in the outfit and see what I thought of the overall style and fit for all-day wear. As you can see, I kept the shoes super minimal because I needed to walk around for several hours. (The sandals are from Sam Edelman and a pair that I’ve worn pretty regularly since SXSW.) I’m not a huge fan of cropped tops, especially when they aren’t a boxy cropped length that touches the hem of my shorts or pants. I’m all about being comfortable in what I wear each day, and a major dealbreaker for me is having to adjust my outfit throughout the day. Naturally, my main hesitation with the two-piece trend was the comfort. So, did this look pass the test?

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Outfit Details:

TOP: Target* | BOTTOMS: Target | SHOES: Sam Edelman

SUNGLASSES: Quay Australia | EARRINGS: Jenny Bird


I love a good floral print, and I actually really like that part of this outfit. More specifically, I like the floral top because of its versatility. The print on print is a bit much for my personal style, but I would like the top paired with high-waisted denim.

The pants aren’t something I can see myself wearing as a separate piece. I prefer to wear printed bottoms that are black and white or at least have a neutral base. Because these pants are floral print and have a pink base, they aren’t something I feel fit my personal style if they aren’t paired with the matching top. Paired together, it almost creates a jumpsuit or maxi dress illusion. Separately, the pants get a little too youthful for my taste.

Fit + Comfort

The fit is my biggest issue with this particular set. Even though I’m short, the pants surprisingly weren’t long at all. I wore sandals to walk around comfortably, but I would have preferred styling the outfit with a daytime wedge or heeled sandal. Unfortunately, the pants weren’t long enough to wear heels, even on my short frame. They were extremely comfortable to wear,  though. Even in Texas humidity, the pants felt very breathable thanks to the side slits all the way up each leg. I felt covered (because there are shorts made from extra fabric underneath) without feeling like I’m wearing too many layers for the season.

The top also needed a bit of tweaking, but it isn’t anything that can’t be adjusted with a little DIY work. I purchased the top in the smallest size available. While the body itself fit perfectly fine, the straps were constantly falling off my shoulders. In 2018, all strappy tops should be adjustable. It’s such a bummer when there’s a top or dress I love, but the straps aren’t adjustable. I can cut and sew the straps down to remove an inch or two, but until that happens, the top isn’t comfortable to wear. No matter how confident you feel in an outfit, the perception says otherwise if you’re having to constantly fix and adjust the fit throughout the day.

Would I try co-ords again?

Despite this particular option falling somewhere in the middle of a pass and keep, I actually would try the co-ords trend again. Instead of the printed tanktop and wide-leg combination, I would opt for a cigarette pantsuit in either a solid color or a neutral print. Pantsuits are very on trend right now and I think they are the refined alternative to the co-ords style. They’re also perfect for those of us who want more versatility with mixing and matching each piece.

What did you think of the look? Are you a fan of two-piece sets?

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