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Trying out new styles can be a little overwhelming and intimidating, but sometimes it’s good to break out of your comfort zone! As you read in the most recent outfit post, I tested out the colorful stripes trend over the past weekend and you know what? I absolutely love it! On the other hand, sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t result in a totally successful outfit. Regardless, summer is a great time to switch it up and break free from a style rut. Today, I’m sharing 3 quick tips for stepping up your style and getting out of your comfort zone!

tips for trying trends and boosting your style

3 Tips for Trying New Trends

  1. Work your way up!
    Listen, trying out trends doesn’t have to be a huge wardrobe change. If you want to ease into a style shift, try stepping out the box with an accessory you wouldn’t typically wear. Of course, it’s always wise to try out a new trend by picking up something in a fast fashion store. If you aren’t ready to dive into a full colorful jumpsuit like I did, pick out a handbag in a completely different style from your normal taste. Test the waters until you feel comfortable enough to expand to clothing.
  2. Use your comfort zone to your advantage.
    The easiest way to get out of your comfort zone is to actually keep one foot in and one foot out. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say you love wearing maxi dresses. To step up your style, you don’t have to give up maxi dresses. Instead, look for one in a print or color that you wouldn’t normally wear.
  3. Bring new styles to your dressing room.
    By far, this is the best tip I can share. Sometimes, you really never know what you like until you give it a try. Several trends look better on than they do on a hanger. The next time you’re out shopping, make it a point to try on items in a fitting room that aren’t your usual style. That’s actually how I ended up wearing skinny jeans so many years ago, and now they’re a closet staple!

Do you have any tips for stepping up your style and switching up your wardrobe?

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