The 3 Texas-Based Fashion Designers You Should Know About

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I know what you’re thinking: Texas and fashion? In the same sentence? As a fashion enthusiast raised in Texas, I’ll try not to be offended. Even though cowboy boots are currently on-trend (which I’d imagine we’re responsible for), it’s no secret that Texas isn’t the primary state you think of when discussing fashion. That’s certainly not a slight to the place I call home, but let’s face it…the average consumer may only think of the big cities when they think of fashion inspiration:

  • New York, New York
  • London, England
  • Paris, France
  • Milan, Italy
  • Tokyo, Japan

Today, I’m here to expand your palette and share a few Texas fashion designers you should know about.

Fashion X Austin’s Celebrate Texas Show

After attending the Celebrate Texas runway show during Austin Fashion Week, my notes were filled with praise! The Fashion X team did an incredible job organizing the event and highlighting designers from the lone-star state. Even as a resident of Texas, I have to admit that several of the designers were new discoveries!

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Fashion X kicked off the night with an inclusive runway show featuring clients from the Arc of Capital Area. Truly a heartwarming introduction, Fashion X partnered with Nordstrom to feature models of different abilities. The energy was high from both the models and the audience, and it’s something I will never forget. The touching runway show was truly a feel-good moment. Although the Nordstrom show wasn’t exclusive to Texas designers, the rowdy spirit and kind hospitality provided throughout the show was certainly true to Texas charm.

After the initial collection, the rest of the night was filled with Texas-based designers. The clothing ranged from wearable to couture, beachwear to eveningwear, and everything in between. All in all, each designer presented a beautifully authentic collection. Below, I’m highlighting 3 of the Texas designers that shared a collection during Austin Fashion Week. I strongly encourage you to check out the full list of designers who presented collections if you’d like to discover more Texas-based brands!

3 Texas-based Fashion Designers to Know

1. Amberleaf

Amberleaf is the ultimate classic wardrobe collection. The company is an Austin-based brand, created by a mother-daughter duo. The brand creates classic clothing for the modern woman, yet does it in a way that crosses generations. Whether you’re a young adult venturing out into the real world for the first time, or you’re an established career woman, there’s a piece for you.

Amberleaf presented clean lines and tailored pieces that can easily be incorporated in your wardrobe. The collection looked smart and sophisticated while effortlessly blurring the lines of who the collection is made for. Women of all ages can find staple pieces in Amberleaf’s designs that fit their lifestyle.

Their collection was included in the pre-show pop-up, so I made it a point to stop by and check out the designs. Being able to touch and feel the fabrics really elevated the runway show. We had the luxury of seeing pieces both on the rack and styled head to toe down the catwalk, which I feel took the show to another level.

amberleaf | texas-based fashion designer | fashion x austin fashion week

2. Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen was my most anticipated show going into fashion week. One of the fun facts about Brittany Allen is that she previously worked with Betsey Johnson! If you’re a longtime reader of the site then you may recall my early love of all things Betsey Johnson! I didn’t learn about Brittany’s experience with Betsey until the show, but in looking at the Austin-based designs, that fun fact comes as no surprise. Brittany Allen is a womenswear brand that exudes fun and fearlessness, reminiscent of the Betsey Johnson brand.

The clothing line is filled with bold prints, patterns, and colors that will undoubtedly catch the eyes of fashion lovers alike.  The runway show highlighted the brand’s strength by displaying a variety of prints within a cohesive collection. By the end of the show, I was itching to throw on a mix of polka dots and stripes in a fun silhouette.

**October 2019 Update: Brittany was selected to be one of the designers on Project Runway’s upcoming 18th season! How exciting!

brittany allen fashion show fashion x austin

brittany allen | texas-based fashion designer | fashion x austin fashion week

3. Ferrah

With over 15 different collections working the runway, you may begin to wonder how the audience can stay engaged. Despite showing in the latter half of night, Ferrah didn’t have any trouble gaining our attention. Kicking off the collection with a bold all-white look, we were all immediately captivated by the designs.

Ferrah was a new discovery for me, and it certainly made an impact. The Dallas-based brand manages to ethically produce beautifully constructed pieces that every fashion girl would dream to wear. The eco-luxury designs excel in the art of draping.

ferrah texas-based fashion designer | austin fashion week fashion x

All photography courtesy of Fashion X and Charles Linn.

Celebrate Texas | Fashion Show

After reading this post, I hope you walk away with a few new brands to peruse when you’re looking for fashion inspiration! If you aren’t based in Texas, I also encourage you to look for designers in your home state and show your support!

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To see even more from the runway, including a glimpse into the additional collections from the night, watch my recap video below:

FTC: I was sent to Austin Fashion Week courtesy of Fashion X; however, all opinions expressed are my own. Images are courtesy of Fashion X. 

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