3 Ways to Reset Your Healthy Resolutions

Now that the New Years resolution phase of the year is behind us, it’s time to check in with yourself. How are your goals going? How are your healthy resolutions? Did some things fall off the radar?

January gets all the credit for resetting your motivation, but the entire first quarter should be your kickoff point. Rather than dive headfirst in several different categories, it can be helpful to instead tackle one area of improvement at a time. I’ve been using this strategy and it has significantly helped me focus on making noticeable changes at a steady rate. We all know the age-old tortoise and the hare story, so why fight the beaten path? Take your time, map out your goals, and get started. When you feel yourself falling off track, pivot!

Below are 3 ways you can reset your healthy lifestyle goals this year, whether you’ve started already or not. Change is good, challenging, and motivating, so here are a few options to give yourself a renewed boost of motivation.

Try out a different workout program.

Your body gets used to performing the same moves, which will eventually result in a plateau. It’s also easy to grow tired of your current routine. Personally, I’ve taken a step back lately with my fitness routine and have been doing more low-intensity workouts for mental clarity. While it’s been helpful, I am ready to try something new and switch gears to a more traditional, HIIT-style program.

If you’re in between workout programs and want something to tide you over while shopping around, I recommend browsing the fitness side of YouTube! Fitness Blender is my personal recommendation, but definitely find a few channels that fit your preferences!

The benefit of trying different workout programs (aside from avoiding a plateau) is you may find a new workout style you enjoy! A lot of people say they hate working out, but I often wonder if that’s truly the case. Maybe, they just haven’t found their ideal workout style.

Switch from AM to PM workouts.

The day and time that you exercise can completely change your weekly schedule. Shock your body a bit and find a renewed sense of motivation by rearranging your workout schedule. Do you normally split your routine by alternating upper and lower workouts every other day? Try consolidating the workouts into 3 full-body days instead of 5 split days!

Maybe you like to exercise first thing in the morning…try a PM workout and see how you like it! Playing around with the days (and times) you exercise will also help you find your ideal schedule. I’m testing the waters with a lunchtime workout session next week in an effort to maximize the spare hours in my day!

Add (or subtract) one new dietary goal to your routine.

We focused mostly on the exercise portion, but I’m sure you’ve heard that abs are made in the kitchen. Personally, I feel much better when I eat healthy for a week and skip the gym instead of going to the gym for a week and eating junk food. That being said, I do know how challenging it can be to eat healthy for most people. Whether you’ve fallen off course or you’re growing tired of meal prepping, try making a minor tweak to your dietary goal!

Already eating healthy? Try cooking 1 new recipe each week. Need a reset button? Carry around a jug of water to drink throughout the day.

Those are just a few ways you can spark renewed motivation as you work on your healthy resolutions this year! The main takeaway is to make small adjustments and try new ways to get to the end goal. With healthy living, it’s so easy to become stagnant. Break up the monotony and reset your body by trying one of the options I shared!