How to Style a Leather Jacket Year-Round

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Welcome back to the Style Staple Series! As a refresher, each month I’m highlighting a style staple you need in your wardrobe. By the end of the year, you’ll have enough items on your clothing rack to create a capsule wardrobe and build trendy outfits around the staples. Before we move to the leather jacket staple, be sure to check out the first two posts in the series.

The Style Staples Series (So Far)

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The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a must-have for your wardrobe for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Leather jackets are versatile enough to incorporate year-round.
  2. Styling a leather jacket is much easier than you think!
  3. A leather jacket adds structure and edge to any outfit.
  4. You can find good quality leather (or faux leather) jackets within multiple price points.

leather jacket fall and winter outfit ideas

What I’m Wearing: BlankNYC jacket | Urban Outfitters tank | Target denim | Steve Madden boots

3 Leather Jacket Styles to Shop

If you don’t own a leather jacket already, what’s stopping you? Are you having trouble finding a leather jacket within your preferred price point? Do you want a leather jacket that isn’t a standard black color? Are you searching for vegan alternatives?

I have been a champion of BlankNYC’s leather jacket selection for a few years now, but I have also spotted a few great options from other brands as well. After owning a pink leather jacket a few years ago, I recently ventured back to the colorful side with a yellow leather jacket from Ragstock. Whether you’re looking for color, luxury, or something more affordable without sacrificing quality, the selection I’ve curated below should have something that meets your needs!

Leather Jackets Under $100

Luxury Leather Jackets

Colorful Leather Jackets

womens leather jacket oufit ideas

What I’m Wearing: Ragstock jacket (c/o) | Forever 21 tee | Target denim | Steve Madden shoes

How to Style a Leather Jacket Each Season

One trait that separates a staple closet item from an option piece is its versatility. Most style staples can be worn throughout each season, and leather jackets are no exception. I styled my jacket for the current late winter/early spring climate in today’s pictures, but I also have a few outfit ideas outlined below to help you style leather jackets year-round.

Fall Leather Jacket Tips:

Easily the most common season to wear a leather jacket is in the fall. This is prime leather jacket weather because the air is crisp with a chill, but the temperatures are still moderate. The weather isn’t on the extreme side one way or the other, which means you’ll have the greatest flexibility with wearing a leather jacket during this season. When styling your leather jacket in the fall, here are a few tips to create a cute outfit:

  • Pair the leather jacket with ripped jeans. During the fall temperatures, your legs can withstand the breeze. Light wash destroyed denim exposes a bit of skin while keeping the outfit relatively covered. Throw on a fitted long sleeve top (or bodysuit) to keep the top half of the outfit clean and streamlined. I recommend black, but any color you prefer will work. Remember, the jacket itself is super versatile even if you picked a colorful style.
  • Take advantage of the cool breeze before it gets too cold by adding a pair of pumps to the outfit instead of boots. The heels add balance to the outfit and dress up the look without clashing.

what to wear with a leather jacket

Winter Leather Jacket Tips:

Winter can be challenging if you live in an extreme climate, but it isn’t impossible! The key to wearing a leather jacket in the winter is adding layers.

  • If you plan on wearing a leather jacket in the wintertime, purchase a jacket 1-2 sizes above your normal fit. Purchasing the leather jacket in a larger size will add extra space in the sleeves so you can layer up without it feeling too bulky and stiff.
  • With winter outfits, the primary goal is to stay warm. As you add layers, keep the fashion side in mind by staying within a monochromatic color palette. Start with a pair of slim black pants and your favorite winter boots. Layer on a black or grey semi-fitted sweater, add the leather jacket and then top it all off with a longline wool (or wool-like) coat. When the tones of each piece are cohesive, the look comes out smart and chic. You can even add a knit scarf for extra texture and warmth.

how to style a yellow leather jacket

Spring Leather Jacket Tips:

After Fall, Spring is the second-best time to wear a leather jacket. The winter chill is still in dangling in the air during the early-morning hours, but the sunshine throughout the day makes for the perfect temperature. Spring is the season of flowy dresses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach for your leather jacket.

  • The optimal spring leather jacket outfit includes a flowy dress. Pair a ruffled, white minidress with a structured leather jacket for an edgy spring outfit. It’s still cool enough to comfortably wear ankle boots, so pair a studded boot with the look instead of sandals. The boots tie in the leather jacket nicely, and they give you one additional way to style your dress before the summer arrives.
  • If you aren’t a fan of dresses, you can style a wide leg trouser with a lacy bodysuit and leather jacket. Lace and leather look incredible together, and the wide leg trouser balances out the top-half to prevent it from looking too risque during the day.

style snake print trend

Summer Leather Jacket Tips:

Summer is easily the most extreme season in Texas, but you can absolutely rock a leather jacket if you live in a different climate! Similar to the Spring style tips, summer leather jacket outfits revolve around light fabric and minimal layers.

  • A maxi dress is the easiest way to wear light fabrics in the summer. Although you won’t need a jacket throughout the full day, a leather jacket can be worn as the sun goes down and the air begins to chill.
  • Leather jackets can also be worn to indoor summer concerts. It’s always tricky figuring out what to wear to a concert, but leather jackets are almost always in the lineup. Pair a graphic tee with a pair of denim cutoff shorts and top the look off with your leather jacket. Depending on whether the venue is standing room only or has seating available, you can style the outfit with a heeled ankle boot or a pair of low-top Converse.

Style Leather Jacket Womens Outfit Ideas

No matter what your personal style is, your wardrobe can benefit from having a leather jacket. Once you find at least one style that you like, you won’t have to repurchase the staple for several years. I added an additional option to my wardrobe recently so that I could incorporate color more easily, but my black leather jacket still feels like new.

What tips do you have for styling a leather jacket?

Style Leather Jacket Womens Outfit Ideas

Photography shot, styled, and edited by me! Find out how you can take your own outfit photos here.

The Lookbook | 3 Ways to Style a Leather Jacket

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