Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas at Home

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Since this post was originally written when everything was locked down due to covid, I am giving it a slight refresh this year. Variety is at your fingertips when it comes to planning cute Valentine’s Day date ideas for any relationship status, but some of those things require advanced notice. Mainly, I’ve noticed more and more restaurants require advanced reservations now. While that’s good for those of us who get anxious with long wait times, it can put a dent in your date night if you forget actually to make a reservation in time. For that reason, this post will center around date ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home. You know your partner better than anyone, and not everyone loves an outdoor venue. Sometimes you want the comfort and freedom of having cozy dates at home.

A Fashion Blogger's Guide to Valentine's Day
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3 Cozy Valentine’s Day Ideas You Can Do at Home

One major factor in setting up a cute date idea at home is your proximity to your partner. The good news. is, several companies have adopted virtual options that used to be restricted to in-person-only access. What that means for you is that you now have a wide array of ideas you can try at home even if you are in a long-distance relationship! Check out some of the date ideas that are quick to set up below.

Valentine's Day Date Outfit Idea

1. Send a care package and decorations to your spouse.

If your loved one is a fan of receiving gifts, now is the perfect opportunity to set up a special delivery! Living too far isn’t a reason to skip out on celebrating. While you previously had to plan this in advance, delivery services like Shipt, DoorDash, and UberEats now have options that extend beyond quick fast food places. Just plug in your partner’s address and see what festive options are available. Getting dinner, sweets, or flowers unexpectedly delivered to your door is a great way to brighten your partner’s day from a distance. If you live close enough to hand deliver, that’s even better!

I’m a big fan of personalization, so put some thought into your gift if your partner doesn’t care for traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. Think about adding things that bring up inside jokes, sweet memories from your first date, or their favorite special treats. On the flip side, here are a few recommendations if they don’t mind traditional gifts:

What to Wear for a Valentine's Day Date

2. Try a DIY sip-and-paint activity.

Painting with a twist is a popular date night or group activity, but sometimes you want the fun without the extra people. If you aren’t familiar, this fun activity involves taking a painting class where you and others who attend are following instructions to try and paint the picture of the day. What makes it fun is the fact that you bring wine, have music playing in the background, and need little to no artistic experience. In the end, you get to see how everyone’s painting turned out in comparison to the goal.

Now, you can make it more intimate by bringing the sip-and-paint to your home! Grab some cheap paint supplies and a canvas from your local craft store, pick up your favorite bottle of wine, and pick a beginner-friendly painting you and your spouse can try to recreate! You can also pick up at-home kits from local Painting with a Twist locations if you want a one-stop shop.

How to Enjoy Date Night at Home

3. Take an online cooking class together.

Last but not least, add some fun to an HBO Max movie night by trying out a new recipe! If you’d prefer an instructor-led cooking process, several online cooking class options are available. Of course, you can also venture out independently and try cooking without a virtual instructor. Subscription services like Hello Fresh send you the ingredients for a homecooked meal, but you can also try out this activity without the commitment by picking up meal kits from your local grocery store.

Once you’re finished making the meal, all that’s left is to pick out a good movie and try out your creation! Depending on how well you and your spouse can cook, you may want to have a frozen pizza on standby. Either way, it will make for a great story and fun memory.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

I hope you make the most of it if you try one of these ideas! To recap, here are three ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day from the comfort of your home:

  • Send decorations and a care package to your loved one.
  • Try a sip-and-paint activity at home.
  • Take an online cooking class together.

Looking for some activities out of the house?

While this post was focused on staying at home, there are still a few Valentine’s Day date ideas you can enjoy outside without the crowd:

  • Rent out a theater and enjoy a movie night.
  • Head to a local park and set up a picnic.
  • Get your blood pumping and enjoy the scenic view by going on a hike together.
  • Head out of your city and enjoy a long joyride!
What to do for Valentine's Day

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