How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Remember fun dates you could plan in crowded restaurants and bars on a standard Friday night? While these kinds of date ideas don’t feel totally out of reach, they’re certainly “not right now” events. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner. you may be wondering how you can celebrate the holiday and plan a cute date amidst the quarantined world we’re living in. Today’s post is centered around Valentine’s day date ideas, but these socially-distanced options can apply year-round for your standard casual date nights. Of course, if you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day ideas that you can enjoy with any relationship status, be sure to check out last year’s festive post!

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3 Socially-Distanced Valentine’s Day Celebrations

No matter where you’re located, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution this Valentine’s Day and try to do what you can at home. One thing that drives your plans this year is whether you live with (or near) your significant other, so this post includes ideas that can be used even for long-distance dates. If you have any additional date night ideas, add a comment and add to the list!

Valentine's Day Date Outfit Idea

1. Deliver a care package and decorations to your spouse.

If your loved one is a fan of receiving gifts, now is the perfect opportunity to set up a special delivery! Living too far isn’t a reason to skip out on celebrating. If we’ve learned anything from the past year, it’s that we should find a reason to celebrate each day. One thing to keep in mind with a special delivery is the processing time. Plan ahead and place your orders at least a week before the holiday to ensure everything arrives as scheduled.

I’m a big fan of personalization, so put some thought into your gift if your partner doesn’t care for the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. Think about adding things that bring up inside jokes, sweet memories from your first date, and their favorite special treats. On the flip side, here are a few recommendations if they don’t mind traditional gifts:

  • Tiff’s Treats cookie delivery
  • Shari’s Berries (Chocolate covered strawberries)
  • A Bouquet of Roses or their favorite flowers
  • Valentine’s Day balloons to decorate the house

What to Wear for a Valentine's Day Date

2. Try a DIY sip-and-paint activity.

Painting with a twist is a popular date night or group activity, but it may not be an option in the current year. If you aren’t familiar, this fun activity involves taking a painting class where you and others who attend are following instructions to try and paint the picture of the day. What makes it fun is the fact that you bring your own wine, generally have music playing in the background, and get to see how everyone’s painting turned out in the end.

A little lockdown is no reason to skip out on this activity. Instead, make it more intimate by bringing the sip-and-paint to your home! Grab some cheap paint supplies and a canvas from your local craft store, pick up your favorite bottle of wine and attend a virtual session.

How to Enjoy Date Night at Home

3. Take an online cooking class together.

Last but not least, add some fun to a Netflix and chill movie night by trying out a new recipe! If you’d prefer an instructor-led cooking process, there are several online cooking class options available. Of course, you can also venture out on your own and try cooking without a virtual instructor. Subscription services like Hello Fresh send you the ingredients for a homecooked meal, but you can also try out this activity without the commitment by picking up meal kits from your local grocery store.

Once you’re finished making the meal, all that’s left is picking out a good movie and trying out your creation! Depending on how well you and your spouse can cook, you may want to have a frozen pizza on standby. Either way, it will make for a great story and fun memory.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Whether you try one or all of these ideas, I hope you make the most of it! To recap, here are 3 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021:

  • Send decorations and a care package to your loved one.
  • Try a sip-and-paint activity at home.
  • Take an online cooking class together.

Looking for some activities out of the house?

While this post was focused on staying at home, there are still a few Valentine’s Day date ideas you can enjoy safely outside of your home:

  • Rent out a theater and enjoy a movie night.
  • Head to a local park and set up a picnic.
  • Get your blood pumping and enjoy the scenic view by going on a hike together.
  • Head out of your city and enjoy a long joyride!

What to do for Valentine's Day

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