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December is my favorite month. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Naturally, you all should prepare yourselves for quite a few posts this month that will help ease your gift shopping stress. To start with, I’ve updated an oldie but goodie post that provides a few gift ideas based on personal interests.

Depending on who you shop for this year, you may find this post helpful in guiding you towards the perfect gift. The list of items is broken down by the following interests:

  1. The Makeup Obsessed
  2. The Social Media Guru
  3. The Book Lover
  4. The Music Enthusiast
  5. The Fashionista

If you have friends who fall into any of the above categories, click-through to see a few gift ideas!


The Beauty Obsessed

If I’m being perfectly honest, the makeup obsessed friend is my favorite person to shop for. Why? Because it’s easy, fun, and comes in a wide price range. This year, my friends are doing something a little different for Christmas which you’ll read more about later, so I don’t have someone to buy makeup for. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have a friend who keeps up with the latest beauty products?
  • Do you have a friend who can name 10 Youtube beauty gurus without hesitation?
  • Do you have a friend who has the Sephora VIB Rouge card?
  • Or do you have a friend who may not own a lot of makeup, but would love to receive some as a gift?

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least 2 of those questions, you may have a makeup obsessed loved one in your circle. Fear not! The items pictured above all make excellent gifts for the makeup lover.

Shown above:

Gifts-for-the-Social-Media-GuruThe Social Media Guru

Alright, so you’re makeup-loving loved one is checked off the list. What about the social media lover? With so many amazing social media tools and apps out there, we all have at least one person who is very much into keeping and improving their online presence. Ask yourself:

  • Do you have a friend that’s on their phone nonstop?
  • Are they always looking for the newest social media app?
  • Do they have amazing Snapchat stories?

If they’re a tech savvy person who has mastered the art of social media, use that talent as inspiration for their gift.


The Book Lover

Have a friend that loves the feeling of a book in their hands rather than an electronic version? Try adding one (or more) of these books under the tree. Even if they’re more of a coffee table book lover, there’s something out right now for everyone.

Gift-Guide-for-Music-LoversThe Music Enthusiast

Everything old is new again. Now that record players have made a successful comeback, new vinyls make for great gifts. But what if your music loving friend doesn’t own a record player? Not a problem, there are plenty of other music related gifts out there to love. Better yet, YOU can provide them with that record player!

Gifts-for-the-FashionistasThe Effortlessly Stylish

Is there a friend you go to for style advice? Can you count on them to know what the latest trends are? If you answered yes to those questions, you have a stylish friend on your hands. While you will have to coyly grab their clothing and/or shoe size, any fashionista would love to have one of these items as a gift:

Did any of the options above catch your eye? I’ll be spending this weekend out and about purchasing gifts for all of my loved ones, so I’m definitely going to reference these goodies.

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