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I have previously posted a “what’s in my bag” blogger edition, so why not post a traditional one? The bag featured in this post is my newest tote purchase, and I was really excited to get it. It reminds me so much of the iconic Celine bag, but it’s only a fraction of the price. I purchased the tote from, and not even an hour after buying it, the bag was sold out on the site. I love it because it’s very structured and spacious, and the wing tips can be tucked in so the bag can have a pillbox shape.

So what do I keep in my bag?

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Well, I actually don’t carry too much even when I have a large bag. I mainly purchase large bags because they can fit full size books in them. Now that I sell jewelry, I always keep at least one copy of the most recent lookbook with me at all times. You never know who you could run into! For that reason, I also keep a few business cards in my bag. If you shop at Target, you may have seen those mini notebooks in the school supplies section. The size is perfect for keeping inside a handbag or backpack, and I use it as my everyday organizer. Keying things in on my phone’s calendar just doesn’t have the same effect as writing out tasks by hand.

My favorite wallet of the moment is the Phillip Lim for Target all around zip wallet. I haven’t stopped using this thing since the day I bought it. It’s large enough to be worn alone, and can hold a mini notepad in there if needed. Moving on to the beauty aspect, I try and keep it simple. Nail polish chipping while I’m out is a huge pet peeve of mine, so I’ve learned to keep my nail polish of the week in my bag for beauty emergencies. A few other beauty items are always in my purse as well, like a brow filler, eyeliner, chapstick, and a ponytail holder. Completing the mini makeup bag is a red lipstick, because sometimes I don’t have a chance to go home before going out with friends, and it’s an instant makeup redo.

What do you keep in your bag?


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  1. Patsy says:

    OMG I love this bag !!! I actually though it was a Celine bag I wish I could get this but I checked on the site and its gone .

    Oh well .

    Patsy Solano


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