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Stylish Halloween Costume Party Outfit IdeasBlog post on a Saturday, what? It’s a holiday weekend and I was in a functional costume yesterday so I figured, why not blog about it?

If you have the freedom to dress up at work for Halloween, it can be fun but a little restricting. The main challenge is keeping it work appropriate, but I also like to keep it functional. All of the work festivities primarily take place during the first half of the day, so the second half of the day I want the freedom of not having to wear my costume in its entirety. (Have you ever tried working with a Ghostbusters costume on? It’s not easy.)

October is slowly becoming the vacation month for me. Just like last year, I was on vacation for a week or so during mid-October so figuring out my costume wasn’t exactly top priority. I’ve also been dealing with a few different things in my personal life so it’s hard to fake the funk when you aren’t in a totally festive mood, you know? Needless to say, this last minute costume is actually one of my favorites of recent years. It was stylish, easy, and effortlessly transitions from work to weekend with a few adjustments.

Looking for an easy and stylish Halloween costume that can go from day to night? I’ve got you covered–be a party animal!

Work Halloween Costume | (From Day)

Work Appropriate Stylish Halloween Costume Work Appropriate Stylish Halloween Costume Party Animal Stylish Halloween CostumeStylish Halloween Costume Party Outfit IdeasWhat I Wore: Topshop blouse (similar) | Party City skirt and mask | Target tights | Topshop boots

I’m almost always involved in a group Halloween costume for work and this year was no different. This year, we were all party animals! Sure, you can throw on a mask and call yourself a mouse (duh), but being a party animal brings the full look together. All you need is an animal mask of your choice and an NYE-style party outfit.

My cat mask is from Party City, as is the tutu. Everything else is things I already own. I may have mentioned previously how much I love my new silver Topshop boots. I don’t wear them to work because they’re a little loud for our environment, but Halloween was the perfect opportunity to wear them in the office. What’s funny is the boots were the talk of the town despite me wearing a literal cat mask on my face. If you’re looking for a statement piece, grab yourself a pair of metallic boots.

The theme for the outfit was NYE party attire that was of course, appropriate for the office. I ended up wearing a polka dot Topshop blouse that I previously wore to Beautycon over the summer. It hasn’t been featured yet on the blog, but I picked it up during Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale. Fun fact: This is the top I was wearing when I met Chrissy Teigen and she told me she has the same one.

Anyway, I paired the top with a leather mini skirt from Forever 21. I know we all have our reservations with Forever 21, but I’ve noticed that mini skirts are their forte. Every time I buy a pencil skirt or mini skirt from Forever 21, it fits perfectly. (The red vinyl skirt that is a popular piece in my closet is also from Forever 21.) The skirt is what an office would consider “too short” so I added fairly opaque black tights underneath to keep my legs covered. In addition to that, I popped on a tutu from Party City over the pencil skirt to make it a little more “fun” for work.

Not pictured, we also added random party favors to make it clear we were party animals: glow sticks, bead necklaces, party blowers, etc. And there you have it! A work-appropriate, stylish Halloween costume.

Night Halloween Costume | (To Night)

Cat Mask Stylish Halloween Costume Stylish Halloween Costume Party Outfit Ideas Cat Mask Stylish Halloween Costume Stylish Halloween Costume Party Outfit IdeasWhat I Wore: Topshop blouse (similar) | Forever 21 skirt | Sam & Libby shoes | Party City mask

Wearing the same costume from day to night (or work to the weekend) gets you the most bang for your buck. To switch the look into a weekend costume, I removed the tutu and kept the leather mini skirt for the bottom. The leather is sleek and a mini skirt screams nighttime. Removing the tights, I swapped the party boots for a strappy yet comfortable heel.

I actually love the top enough to keep the costume as is, but you can show a little more skin by pairing the leather skirt with a festive bodysuit or sequin tank.

Once Halloween is over, you can ditch the mask and wear the look on its own as a cute outfit.

Which version of this stylish Halloween costume is your favorite?

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  1. such a cute idea for a costume that’s versatile for day and night


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