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Hi, I'm Chelsey



Way back in the earliest of blogging days, I wrote a list of random things about myself. It may have been so old that it was actually one of those Myspace bulletin survey things, but whatever the case may be, now is as good a time as any to do it again. Even though I run a blog that oftentimes has pictures of myself on it, I’m a pretty private person. It’s not totally intentional, I’m just not someone who has a tendency to over share about their life. Not to mention, I’m quiet by nature. These random facts aren’t deep by any means, but I still thought it would be a fun and quick way to add a little more of my personality into the blog.

  1. I love polka dots and stripes.
  2. I’d much rather splurge on electronics over fashion items, which makes the goal of transitioning my closet to higher quality items very difficult.
  3. Even though it’s cheesy and cliche, my parents are absolutely my role models.
  4. My favorite social thing to do is see live music, preferably in a smaller venue.
  5. I’ve never read a Harry Potter book.
  6. I ate fast food Monday through Friday my entire senior year of high school. Just thinking about that now makes my stomach hurt.
  7. I absolutely cannot apply false eyelashes to save my life.
  8. I want to live in New York for 6 months.
  9. I only use my iPad for streaming shows and watching YouTube. (Does anyone use it for anything else?)
  10. Pizza with fries is my go-to cheat meal.
  11. I love math.
  12. I make a checklist every weekend (and most weekdays) of things I need to do that day.
  13. Blockbusters are nice, but I really enjoy character-driven films.
  14. I keep all of my fortunes from fortune cookies.
  15. I do not understand the fashion trend of mixing skirts and dress with running sneakers.
  16. I randomly met Fantasia Barrino in a hotel with a group of my friends when I was 16. We took a picture with a disposable camera (remember those?) but I have no clue what I did with the pic.
  17. Even though it’s hard to find the time for it these days, I really enjoy reading books. (I recommend all three of Gillian Flynn’s books, author of Gone Girl.)
  18. The Social Network and Blue Valentine are two of my favorite movies.
  19. I’ve had an interest in fashion since 4th grade.
  20. I have a huge interest in photography even though I’m not an expert at it by any means.
  21. Nutrition and overall wellness is something I like to learn about.
  22. I tried vegetarianism for 8 months, and could see myself going back to it later down the road.
  23. I don’t know if I can ever buy a house because the thought of permanently living somewhere is overwhelming.
  24. My favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids.
  25. If I could be any celebrity for a day, I’d be Rihanna.


It was surprisingly difficult to think of 25 facts, but I’d like to incorporate little “get to know me” things like this on the blog on a monthly basis. I think it will be a great way for the readers I don’t know in real life to learn a little more about the girl behind the blog.

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