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Today, we’re talking trends. There are a lot of trends out there that I feel have either reached their peak, or shouldn’t have been a trend in the first place. I even talked about one of the trends listed below two years ago, which you can read here. Some of the things I’m ready to see go away are things I’ve worn myself, but others are things I never understood. Keep reading to find out which 8 trends I’d like to end:


1. Gym Shoes with Day Clothes

Filed under: Where exactly are you going? 

In recent years, the fashion world has taken a liking to gym shoes and various trainers. I love a good gym shoe, but what I don’t love is the mix of them with clothes that aren’t meant for the gym. For some reason, fashion decided it would be a good idea to pair casual running shoes with work appropriate attire like dresses, midi skirts, and slacks. Fortunately, there was a minimal amount of sneaker love at NYFW so I’m thinking they’ll be restricted to the gym only after the spring.

2. Birkenstocks

Filed under: I don’t understand. 

I recreated a few of these trends for the purpose of having some visuals in my post, but I didn’t have the resources in my closet for this one, obviously, so I nabbed the picture above from Tumblr. The photo itself is beautiful, but that doesn’t make me like the shoe in any manner. I have never been a fan of the birkenstock sandal, and I”m pretty sure it’s because of the buckle and color scheme. I’m a huge supporter of comfortable fashion, but it should also be flattering. Personally, I don’t think this sandal flatters feet very well. It makes feet look wider and more rugged than other options. There are various sandals available that have the same strappy style without the buckle or the wood-colored sole that look more appealing and feminine.

Trends-to-Go-10 Trends-to-Go-2

3. The New Duck Lip Pose

Filed under: Why is this a thing?

The thing about girls is we don’t like our cheeks to look fat in pictures. Smiling naturally rounds out your face more than sucking in those cheekbones, so I’m assuming this was the modified “not quite there but is just as bad” duck face pose. The new duck face is a less obvious (not really) way of keeping your face in its slimmer state while also plumping your lips a tad. Personally, I think it looks too try hard because it isn’t a natural pose.

4. The 90s Lip

Filed under: Sold out…again!?

It only makes sense for makeup to adapt to the 90s fashion trends that made a comeback over the past two years. Trutfully, I love the 90s lip trend. The mauve lip is flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. It’s a great alternative to the standard nude lip, but isn’t as loud as the average pink lip. The reason I’m ready to see it leave is because the availability for such shades is limited. The mauve-toned lip colors are always in my collection because they are staple neutral shades for my skintone. Once the craze took over, it became extremely difficult to find this color in stock.


5. The Half Bun

Filed under: Your arms may be tired, but push through and finish.

What’s funny is I used to wear this hairstyle all the time in middle school, except the upper half was a sock bun. I like the look of a half bun half down style with short hair. It makes sense because not all of your hair is long enough to put it up in a bun, but you work with what you have. With longer hair, it just looks undone. If you’ve ever wondered what I look like when I’m halfway finished with curling or straightening my hair, this is it. That’s what this latest trendy hairstyle reminds me of.

6. Ombre Hair

Filed under: Welcome to the world of restricted hair.

This is another trend I embraced by dyeing my hair ombre over a year and a half ago. I’m ready to see it go because I feel like the trend has passed its peak, especially considering it has been a trend for around 3 years. Regardless of being pink, blonde, green, or black, hair looks great when it’s one color. Too high up and ombre hair can look like outgrown roots. Too far down and it looks choppy. Also, it truly only shines when you hair is styled down in tousled waves. Buns and ponytails look odd because the blended area of the hair isn’t visible so the lighter portion looks detached. Ombre hair is more trouble than its worth, because it’s a lot of work to get an even, solid color once you’ve outgrown the trend.


7. Tied Around the Waist

Filed under: Don’t overthink it.

I have also worn this once or twice, usually never for more than a few minutes. Here’s the thing with this trend: I like it when it’s done with a purpose. It makes sense to tie a lighter sweater or flannel around your waist if you’re out and about and it gets too warm to keep it on. I’m ready to see the trend go because it’s now worn as a style. It’s odd to dress yourself and wear a jacket because it’s chilly outside, but then purposefully tie a flannel around your waist for the sole reason of completing a look. Why wear an unnecessary article of clothing?

8. Bright Nail Art

Filed under: I already look young.

I had to specify bright nail art because I still like neutral and black and white nail art, like leopard print or stripes. I’ve worn nail art for Christmas, but overall I prefer the clean look of a solid manicure. Brightly printed nail art looks very young, which is something I don’t necessarily aim for since I naturally look younger than my age. I’m ready to see it go because like most things, less is more.

I’m very much looking forward to Spring, and I hope to see these trends taper out as we inch closer to the second quarter of the year. Are there any trends you’d love to see go?


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