3 Photogenic Fashion Trends You Need in Your Instagram Feed

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style-shots-for-instagramLet’s talk photos. I get a lot of inquiries relating to pictures, so today I’m going to fill you all in with a little tip: When it comes to taking great fashion pictures, not all trends are created equal. Some styles are made for photographs, while others look best in real life or in motion. Think of how often you’ll see a celebrity’s outfit online and feel underwhelmed by the pictures, only to get your life once a video or gif surfaces of their entrance. To get the most out of an outfit, it’s best to know which medium can best capture the look.

My challenge to you is to incorporate the 3 photogenic trends below into your next few Instagram pictures and see how they improve your feed. The best part is they are all accessories, so they’re easy to obtain if you don’t already own them.

3 Fashion Trends That Shine in Photos

Oversized Sunglasses

Need inspiration for your next pair? Check out my sunglasses collection to get a few ideas.

Photo Options:

  1. Include a pair of oversized sunglasses in your next flat lay.
  2. Showcase your favorite shades in a selfie styled with a messy bun and bold lip color.
  3. Share the scenery outdoors through the lens of your eyewear.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are extremely photogenic, especially if they feature little intricate details.

Photo Options:

  1. Flat lay an outfit with a statement necklace included.
  2. Selfie snap a pic of your necklace of the day, styled on top of a graphic tee for added dimension.
  3. Shoot a casual outfit of the day pic in the mirror with a statement necklace as the focal point.

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are a personal favorite of mine. The add flavor to a casual outfit and can beautifully complement nail polish. Before incorporating this trend into your pics, find out how to stack your rings like a pro here.

Photo Options:

  1. If trendy poses are your thing, try out the popular “hands in front of the mouth” pose with a few rings stacked.
  2. Add complementary rings to your nail polish of the day pic.
  3. Snap a “getting ready” flat lay sharing a few last minute touches to a look.

For more photo inspiration, follow @ventifashion on Instagram and read my tips to help you create beautiful photos regardless of the subject.

Love this post? Download the free photography toolkit to see what tools and equipment I use for photos outside of Instagram.

What are your favorite fashion trends to post on Instagram?


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