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Hi, I'm Chelsey

I would have never guessed that I’d be sitting here, writing this post for you all. There was a brief stint in 2013 where I was into purchasing a lot of sunglasses that had a printed frame. Besides that, I’ve always been a 1-2 sunglasses kind of person…until now.

My collection has grown significantly since I blogged about my first pair of name brand sunglasses. It’s even grown since I shared my experience with purchasing Quay Australia sunglasses for the first time. I think I’ve finally reached that sweet spot of having nearly every pair and style that I want, so I wanted to share my collection with you all in hopes of inspiring your next purchase.


Forever 21

With Forever 21, you get what you pay for. Now, I’ve never experienced my sunglasses breaking or anything like that; however, they can feel a little flimsy or fragile depending on the style you purchase. I recommend shopping at Forever 21 for sunglasses if you want a fast trend without the commitment, or if you’re prone to losing your sunglasses.

  • Double Bridge Sunglasses (x)
  • Classic Aviators (x)
  • Tortoise Shell Round Sunglasses (x)
  • Tinted Round Sunglasses (x)

Forever 21 Cute and Affordable Sunglasses

Quay Australia

Quay Australia is a happy medium when it comes to the price of sunglasses. They aren’t as affordable as Forever 21 or Target, but they are certainly cheaper than a designer pair of sunglasses. What drew me in to this brand is their lens size. Not all of their sunglasses are oversized, but all of the ones I wanted were. If you’re looking for an aviator style but can’t seem to find a pair with oversized lenses, try Quay. Read my in-depth post on the brand for more details about shipping, quality, and where to purchase.

  • Muse – Amanda Steele Collab (x)
  • Macaw (x)
  • Vivienne – Shay Mitchell Collab (x)
  • On The Prowl (x)
  • Modern Love (x)
  • About Last Night (x)

Best of Quay Australia Sunglasses

Marc by Marc Jacobs

What’s crazy is that to me, these are expensive sunglasses. I’ve never paid a lot for sunglasses, so the $98+ price range makes me hesitate a bit. I talked all about why I took the plunge in a previous post, but I don’t regret them at all. While I don’t see myself purchasing a lot of name brand sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs are reasonably priced in comparison to the high fashion labels, such as Prada or Valentino. I recommend this brand for anyone looking to venture into designer eyewear. It’s a great stepping stone before making the big plunge.

  • Rose Golden Aviators (x)


Sunglasses Try-On

Below is a small gallery featuring all of the sunglasses mentioned above. It’s one thing to see how they look on display, but seeing sunglasses worn on other people can really help you get an idea of the style and fit. Click through the gallery to see me wearing each style:

Which pair was your favorite?


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