Chunky Sweater + Taupe Boots

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Oh, sweaters. I love them, but I don’t wear them nearly enough. Let me tell you, I am so into this shopping my own closet thing. I know I keep mentioning it,  but it is really helping me fall in love with items I previously didn’t care for. Today, I’m referring to my chunky knit sweater. I originally bought it in 2013 as an item to wear to my first Lydia concert. I wasn’t totally into it, but I was still in the “I need to find an outfit for ___” phase so it was somewhat a last minute purchase. Cut to a year later, I tried to incorporate it into more outfits since I still had it. I wasn’t a fan of the neckline, so I’d throw a scarf on top anytime I would wear the sweater.  

Cut to 2016: I try the sweater once again and finally love everything about it. It’s minimal, lightweight, oversized, and cozy–what’s not to love? This is all to say one thing: don’t totally disown an item if you aren’t 100% satisfied with it in the present moment. Some people say you should toss items if you don’t wear them within a year, but all of the items I’ve rediscovered with new appreciation are things I purchased 2+ years ago. I’m certainly not advocating that you hoard everything, but if there’s something in your closet that you see has potential…let it survive this round of closet cleaning.

Chunky-Sweater-+-Taupe-Boots-2 Chunky-Sweater-+-Taupe-Boots-4Chunky-Sweater-+-Taupe-Boots-5

Details|| Forever 21 sweater (similar) | A&F Jeans | Merona boots | Aldo bag (similar)

PS. On my lips I’m wearing Colourpop’s Grunge lippie stix topped with Chilly Chili ultra matte liquid lipstick–and I’m really pleased with the outcome! Stay tuned for more liquid lipstick talk later on this week!

What’s your rule with getting rid of clothing items?

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  1. My rule is to get rid of something if I don’t LOVE it. Yes, my closet is much smaller now, but it feels great to only be surrounded by things that make you happy.


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