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How-to-Stack-Rings-Like-a-Pro-6The concept of stacking rings isn’t anything new, but it’s definitely a trend to continue well into the summer months. I thoroughly enjoy wearing multiple rings, so I’m here to share how you too can stack rings like a pro.

Don’t skip the manicure.

This should go without saying, but absolutely make sure your nails are manicured and/or polished when wearing rings, let alone wearing multiple rings. Because wearing rings will draw even more attention to your hands, it’s important to make sure your fingernails are presentable. To boost the look of stacked rings, wear nail polish colors that complement the tone of your jewelry.

Pro Tip: Pair earthy tones with rose gold jewelry, cool tones with silver jewelry, and vibrant colors with gold jewelry.

Do stack rings of various styles.

Standard rings and midi rings are all stackable, so have fun with it and test out different ring styles to see which fit works best for your personal style. Midi rings are a smaller ring size so they intentionally stop somewhere halfway down the finger.  Stores make this task super easy now, as ring sets are sold in a mixed variety. Check out Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters for affordable ring sets.

Don’t double up on chunky rings.

Delicate rings are made for stacking. Chunky rings require a little more effort and experimentation, best left for photography purposes. Stacking chunky rings together can appear harsh and overpowering in the casual environment.

How-to-Stack-Rings-Like-a-Pro-5Do try mixing metals.

Gone are the days where mixing metals are considered to be tacky. Like most things in life, the key is about balance. If mixing metals is new territory, start small by pairing rose gold with gold. The tones are different but subtle enough to test the waters. The only limitation to consider is with rustic tones. Because they have a worn, antique aesthetic, it’s best to keep rustic gold paired with other rustic jewelry to avoid a clash in the ring’s finish.

Don’t forget the other hand.

This tip is particularly for the days when you’re totally into stacking rings and end up with at least 8 on one hand. When one hand is heavily stacked, don’t neglect its counterpart! While it isn’t necessary to keep an equal amount of rings on both hands, you do want to add something to the other hand to keep balance.

My usual combination is to have 5 rings on the non-dominant hand and 4 on the dominant hand. If I wear two rings on the index and ring finger with one on the middle finger, my dominant hand will have the inverse: one ring on the index and ring finger with two on the middle finger.

How-to-Stack-Rings-Like-a-Pro-8Do take pictures!

Rings are the most photogenic in the jewelry category. With summer (finally) a few weeks away, clothing options start to diminish and transform into lightweight, minimal outfits. Accessories are a lot like makeup in the sense that they can help enhance and complete a look, but can also clash or overpower a look if taken too far. (Read more on how to take beautiful photos.)

Wearing multiple rings pairs beautifully with simple outfits comprised of solid prints like a classic white tee and fitted jeans. As a general guideline, limit the number of rings (and other accessories) you wear when the outfit itself is busy and loud.


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