The Well Worn Tee

Urban Outfitters Austin Tee-7 Urban Outfitters Austin Tee-10 Urban Outfitters Austin Tee-9 Urban Outfitters Austin Tee-1 Urban Outfitters Austin Tee-8 Between the Urban Outfitters tee and the stretchy Zara jeans, it’s hard to pick which one is more comfortable. When weekends are filled with zero social events and a packed to-do list, I still like to get dressed. Sure, it’s easy to stay in pajamas with my hair looking like Felicia’s, but I honestly won’t get much accomplished if I’m not ready. At the very least, my hair has to be brushed back. Are any of you like that as well? The key is to throw on clothes that are just as comfortable as pajamas.

Outfit Details: Urban Outfitters tee | Zara jeans | Converse | Quay sunglasses | Aldo clutch | Charlotte Russe pom pom
What’s your stay-at-home look?