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GlamGlow-Supermud-Clearing-Treatment-Travel-Size-4If you didn’t already know, GlamGlow now has a smaller option available for their best-selling SuperMud Clearing Treatment. With the exception of the SuperMud (white packaging) and GravityMud (purple packaging) masks, GlamGlow masks have been available for purchase in the full size as well as a smaller sample size. The full size Supermud is pretty expensive for a face mask, retailing at $69 for 1.2oz. The usual smaller options are packaged in a similar jar, holding 0.5oz of product and retailing at $22–great option for skincare shoppers who want to test out a product before committing to the steep price point.

When I stumbled across the new GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment smaller option in Sephora, I was surprised for two reasons:

  1. GlamGlow FINALLY gave the people what they want.
  2. The packaging for the smaller version of their best-selling mask looks…inconsistent.

Unlike its counterparts, the smaller version of GlamGlow’s SuperMud mask is divided into 5 0.1oz single use treatments. It still comes with the same product as a 0.5oz jar, but the difference caused me to notice a few things and question whether or not it’s worth a purchase. [PS. Interested in a SuperMud review? Check out my first impressions here.]

The first thing I noticed with the single use treatment was the amount per packet. It seemed like it wasn’t enough upon first open, which prompted me to compare the quantity with the full-size jar. The single treatment option comes with 5 individually wrapped 0.1oz masks, whereas the full-sized jar comes with 1.2oz of product. Doing the math, that means you would ideally get 12 uses out of the full-sized jar for $69–about 4-5 more uses than what I experienced.

The second thing I noticed after doing the math is that I’ve been using more product than necessary for each face mask session. I’m sure I’m not the only one to overdo it, and that’s the last thing you want to do with a product that costs nearly $70. The key is to figure out a way to preserve the product and make it stretch. Clearly, I wasn’t doing it right. Now that I’ve had exposure to the single treatments (which by the way, did successfully cover my entire face), I have a better gauge for how much to apply if I ever go back to the jar.

So, which one is better? Which one is worth it in the end? Let’s compare:

GlamGlow-Supermud-Clearing-Treatment-Travel-Size-2 GlamGlow SuperMud Travel Size vs GlamGlow SuperMud Full Size

The Benefits of the Single Use Treatments

  • Travel friendly
  • No risk of product drying out
  • Individually wrapped packets come filled with the amount needed for a full mask
  • Lower price point, which makes it a great purchase for first-time buyers
  • Greater value for the price. The sample size converts to $4.40 per 0.1 oz, while the full size converts to $5.75 per 0.1oz)

The Benefits of the full Full-Size Treatment

  • Full control over how much product is applied per use
  • Resealable packaging
  • Provides up to 12 full face treatments
  • Can be used for spot treatments

Should you buy the Single Use Treatments or the Full Jar?

After experiencing both options, I would say the single treatment is the way to go in most circumstances. On paper, it’s a better deal to purchase the single use treatments because you end up paying less per 0.1oz of product. Additionally, the single treatments are ideal for traveling and you don’t have to worry about the product being left unopened or the lid not being screwed on tight enough and drying out. Not to mention, it conveniently provides you with what GlamGlow has deemed the appropriate amount for a full face mask.

As far as the full jar goes, opting for the larger size would be best for people who like to control how much of a product is being used. If you’re into using GlamGlow masks for spot treatments, a full jar gives you the ability to use a lesser amount and then apply to only your problem areas. It’s also the best option if you are like me and tend to slather on the mud mask. Of course, now I’m aware of how much should actually be used but to each their own.

Have you picked up the GlamGlow SuperMud Single Use Treatments? What did you think?

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